It's All About Technology.
And Experience.

We know what it all is about.

It's All About You.

We speak your language and are at your side from the first draft to series production

Understanding the world of our customers and their challenges is our aspiration. We are currently among the leading automation experts in many industries because we understand the processes of our customers down to the smallest detail. And it is exactly this understanding of the markets, processes and

Implementing requirements down to the last detail also creates a foundation for long-term, successful partnerships. KEBA customers enjoy the best support. This ranges from the initial consultation on system design to installation and series production support.

And It's Also About...

Listening. And Understanding.

If KEBA wanted to define the key to our entrepreneurial success, then it would be our ability to not only listen, but also to dive deep into the world of our customers, experience the complexity of their tasks and gain awareness of how to solve them.

Only those who listen and understand well can translate customer or industry requirements into unique, customized solutions.

Performance. And Growth.

Hardware-Abbild vom KeControl C5

Our growth is linked to the ambition of our customers. This approach has seen us develop as a company over the past 50 years. We have built up specific technology competencies that have made us the first point of contact when it comes to boosting performance and competitiveness. Far beyond conventional business relationships, as a development partner for our customers.

Partnership. And Choices.

Handfläche hält symbolisch Icons, die die Vernetzung symbolisieren

Automation solutions become a success factor when they give our customers the freedom to make the most of their competitive advantage.

Custom-built KEBA solutions come into play precisely at the point our customers have reached in their development. Outdated control technologies, increased need for safety, lack of in-house capacity for software development, new technological territory or more connectivity - there are many reasons why our engineering expertise comes into play. Step by step we work out together what makes your machines fit for the future.

Communication. And Learning.

Talking to one another, asking questions, rethinking and trying things out are important for the development of efficient solutions. This applies both to the relationships with our customers and, of course, within our teams.

Technological creativity and pioneering spirit, fostered from the first meeting with the customer, do not stop just because a plant goes into operation successfully. It is the search for an even more intelligent and efficient solution that fuels the motivation of KEBAns.

Simplicity. And Security.

Frau steht in einer Produktionshalle mit Robotern und tippt mit dem Zeigefinger auf einen virtuellen Bildschirm.

The increasing demand for flexibility and individualization leads to more and more complex industrial production. We will not stop this spiral of development. On the contrary: With the digitalization of your automation solution, we simplify work processes, generate efficiency advantages, make it more convenient to control all your machines, deliver more transparency for your processes and much more.

However demanding the new technological challenges may be, we are pleased to accompany you into this future.


Quality, safety at work, health and environment are of central concern to us. They affect the products, the entire process chain with the people who work in these processes, their working conditions and the environmentally friendly handling of all types of resources. We are committed to complying with relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, we are committed to taking measures which contribute to social and economic policy development. This has resulted in our own management system matched exactly to us and our requirements, and always with an eye to economic efficiency and value.

Quality certificate ISO 9001 Environmental certificate ISO 14001 Safety certificate ISO 45001
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