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    Product illustration of a ServoOne CM

    KeDrive D3 - Drive system

    Compact multi-axis drive system with integrated safety technology

    Concentrated performance in the smallest space

    Complete in hardware, software and service, safe to use and comprehensive in function: With the KeDrive D3 drive system, multi-axis applications can be solved economically, intelligently and future-proof.

    Drives, motors and safety technology are perfectly matched and can be flexibly combined depending on the application. The KeStudio tool suite ensures simple commissioning and comprehensive diagnostics.

    Your KEBA experts get the maximum out of it for you. With our professional drive design, your machines achieve maximum performance while acquisition and energy costs are reduced to a minimum.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Compact, gapless form factor
    • Supply modules up to 140 kW
    • 1-, 2- and 3-axis drive modules from 1.5-250 Arms
    • 300 % overload capability
    • Safety integrated
    • Energy-efficient solution concepts
    • Extensive motor portfolio
    75 %

    75 %

    more compact design with KeDrive D3



    motion in the axis controller







    All-in-one system

    KeDrive D3 can be used to generate a wide range of drive solutions. The openness of the interfaces enables easy integration into existing systems.

    Chart underlining the compactness of ServoOne CM

    Compact design

    KeDrive D3 sets the standard for compactness in automation systems. For a typical configuration of 6 axes incl. auxiliary power supply, KeDrive D3 saves approx. 40% space in the control cabinet compared to commercially available multi-axis systems and 75% compared to the use of automation technology based on single axes.

    KeDrive D3 achieves its compactness through the following features:

    • Supply unit with built-in 24 V power supply
    • Three-axis controller
    Illustration of integral safety components built into ServoOne CM


    Safety technology is an integral part of KeDrive D3. By high level of safety, extensive functionality and response times of 2 ms all applications solvable:

    • Standard
      STO acc. to SIL3, PL e, KAT 4, SBC acc. to SIL2, PL d, KAT 3
    • Option
      Safe motion functions such as SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SLI, SDI and SLP acc. to SIL3, PL e, KAT 4
    • Safety PLC
      The safety PLC built into the drive controller can respond to events quickly and with great flexibility.
    Illustration underlining the ease of installation of ServoOne CM


    • Easy installation
      Installation costs are greatly reduced compared to other conventional drive engineering solutions, first because fewer components are needed and second because these components can be connected to each other quickly and easily using a simple connection system.

    • One-cable technology
      KeDrive D3 supports one-cable technology as well as conventional encoder systems This makes it possible to omit the encoder cable entirely and further simplify installation. The encoder information and the motor temperature are transmitted using just 2 wires of the motor cable.

    Chart showing the relation between quality and output quantity

    Dynamic and precision

    KeDrive D3 has a range of functions whose goal is to increase the dynamic and precision of machines.

    • Computing power
      Powerful drive ASIC with 32-bit micro-controller and floating-point unit for each axis controller, triple-axis controller without loss of computing power.

    • Control functions
      Compensation of encoder errors, errors in the mechanical transmission path, friction and torque-ripple, hiding resonance frequencies, predictive feed-forward control structure with pico-interpolation.

    • Auto-tuning
      Identification of the mechanical systems of the machine and automatic parameter configuration of control structures and parameters.

    Focus on energy efficiency

    The majority of energy consumption in factory automation is attributable to drive technology. Here, KeDrive D3 makes an important contribution to cost reduction.

    • Active power regeneration limits peak load consumption and thus connection costs
    • Efficient capacity modules as a dynamic energy storage system
    • Intelligent energy storage systems to protect against grid interruptions increase availability

    Automation from a single source

    Expand the KeDrive D3 drive system with scalable controllers in the same form factor. Power is supplied directly from the drive system.

    The KeDrive D3 controller combines PLC, motion, robotics and CNC applications. With just one platform and just one partner, you can automate even complex systems simply, safely and efficiently.

    Future-proof with KeDrive D3

    Drive-based Condition Monitoring

    Increase productivity and respond early to wear on mechanical components with KeDrive D3.

    3rd party - no problem!

    KeDrive D3 can be perfectly integrated into a wide variety of automation systems. Special and custom motors can be operated without complication.

    "Well connected"

    High-speed real-time communication with EtherCAT or PROFINET IRT ensures maximum contour accuracy and fast exchange of all data and parameters.

    Perfect industry solutions

    KeDrive D3 is at the heart of our industry solutions, e.g. in CNC machine tools, robotics, plastics technology or wind energy.

    Technical specifications

    KeDrive D3 - Axis controller

    General data
    Encoder interfaceResolver, SinCos, Hiperface®, Hiperface® DSL, EnDAT
    Field bus EtherCAT CoE
    Standard safety technology STO (SIL3, PL e, Kat 4) + SBC (SIL3, PL e, Kat 4)
    Optional safety technologySSx, SOS, SBC, SLS, SLI, SDI, SLP, SCA, …
    Cooling systemWall-mounted (air-cooled heat sink) for BG 1 -4, cold plate for BG 1 and BG 2, liquid cooling for BG 3 and BG 4
    (1) Overload for 500 ms (at 4 kHz, 400 VAC) 2) Wall-mounted design
    AssembliesRated currentMaximum current 1) Single-axis controller Two-axis controllerThree-axis controller
    Size BG1 = 55 x 310 x 241 mm (for wall-mounting)
     1,5 A 4,5 A•••••
      3 A 9 A•••••
     6 A18 A•••••
     12 A36 A--
     16 A48 A--
    Size BG2 = 110 x 310 x 241 mm (for wall-mounting)
     12 A36 A-•••••
     16 A 40 A -••-
     24 A 72 A --
     32 A 100 A --
    Size BG3 = 165 x 390 x 251 mm (for wall-mounting)
      24 A72 A-••-
     32 A96 A-••-
     45 A135 A••-
      80 A229 A--
    Size BG4 = 275 x 390 x 251 mm (for wall-mounting)
     130 A---
     210 A420 A--

    D3-DP 300 passive supply modules

    10 kW (BG1)22 kW (BG2)45 kW (BG3)90 kW (BG3)120 kW (BG4 - wall-mounted)
    140 kW (BG4 - liquid cooling)
    General data
    Dimensions [mm] 55 x 310 x 241110 x 310 x 241165 x 390 x 251165 x 390 x 251275 x 390 x 251
    Supply voltage3 x 230 V - 480 V AC3 x 230 V - 480 V AC3 x 400 V - 480 V AC3 x 400 V - 480 V AC3 x 400 V - 480 V AC
    Power supply 24V DC, 20 ABuilt-in (option)Built-in (option)ExternalExternalExternal

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