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    Safety technology

    Modular safety solutions for machine safety

    Ultimate safety for man and machine

    The acquisition of LTI Motion GmbH did not only expand our high-performance drive technology, but also our portfolio of safety solutions.

    The FSoE master FSM-1 and the SafeMotion solutions open up new possibilities in mechanical engineering.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Strong solution competence for functional safety
    • Safety solutions tailored to your machines
    • Flexible encoder solutions enable new safety concepts
    • Quick response times

    Overview of our safety products

    KEBA offers a broad range of safety solutions. In addition to specialized solutions for robotics applications, our product portfolio opens up numerous possible solutions. Depending on the machine requirements, different safety systems are available.

    ServoOne CM Safety

    Product illustration of ServoOne CM Safety in 4 different sizes

    The ServoOne CM safety solution enables mechanical engineers to fully utilize the flexibility of the multi-axis system. Integrated safety control in the axis controller allows the adjustment to the safety concept of the machine:

    • Standard safety solution with rated currents from 1.5 - 210 A
    • Actuation via relay, safe I/O or FSoE

    Your benefits:

    • More compact machine thanks to faster response times
    • From high-resolution (HDSL) to heavy-duty (resolver); the right encoder for every application
    • Safety for mechanical sections through variable encoder combinations
    • Practical safety functions for innovative machine solutions


    Graphic of a machine system with integrated ServoOne Safety control

    KeSafe: Ultimate safety for man and robot

    We make safety technology for robots that is invisible to you. KeSafe is the solution for safety technology for robots. It is offered in combination with the compact control and drive system KeDrive for Motion. The integrated safety board guarantees the safe operation of robots in compliance with current standards and regulations.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Freely programmable and scalable safety solution
    • Easy to adjust to machine options and versions
    • Safety based on abstracted, reusable and certifiable basic functions for logic, motion and robotics
    • Services for creation of a wide range of applications (human-machine interaction, cobots, …)

    ServoOne Safety

    Graphic of a machine system with integrated ServoOne Safety control

    ServoOne Safety - integrated safety control

    The ServoOne FS (functional safety) with integrated safety control and innovative features provides the basis for efficient machine safety solutions. The combination of integrated safety control and safe cross communication allows realizing independent machine safety solutions of up to 6 servo controllers (optionally up to 12 axes).

    Your benefits:

    • Safety solution without add-on components
    • High encoder variance accommodates a wide range of encoder technology
    • Safety for mechanical sections through variable encoder combinations
    • Practical safety functions for innovative machine solutions
    • More compact machines thanks to faster response times


    Product illustration of the FSM

    KEBA’s FSM-1 makes it easy to program the safe machine logic. The SafetyManager is used for the simple graphic programming of complex safety solutions, providing a good overview of the safety solutions at all times.


    Product illustration of KeDrive D3 with safety controller

    KeDrive D3 with safety controller

    The safety controller combines safety logic and drive monitoring in a single device. It comes with more than 30 fail-safe inputs and outputs. This makes additional safety features for the drive unnecessary, with the exception of STO. The safe monitoring of single-axis movements up to advanced safety-oriented robotics solutions are easy to implement using the D3-SMM encoder box.


    Product illustration of KeDrive D3-SMM - safe encoder box

    KeDrive D3-SMM - safe encoder box

    With the certified encoder box, decentralized encoder signals as well as additional safe inputs and outputs are read in and safely transmitted to the controller via a serial bus system. The inputs make it possible to connect safe switches, buttons or other control elements directly to the machine or in the vicinity of the robot. All outputs can be used for the safe actuation of motor brakes or for other discretionary uses. In order to safely release the brakes (even without cabinet), the safety functions are integrated directly into the encoder box - for example in order to prepare robots for transport.

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