Powerful drives for the plastics industry

Extensive portfolio of drive technology for all plastics machines

Because technology matters

We speak your industry’s language – and we actively listen, too: More than 30 years of experience with controlling complex processes and technologies have made us a trusted name in the plastics industry, in particular in the field of injection molding machines!

We have bundled our know-how and our passion for plastics into the new KeDrive D3 servo drives package – a compact and powerful multi-axis drive solution optimized for the use with plastics and injection molding machines.

The deep, seamless integration of the KeDrive D3 servo drives into the industry-specific software of the KePlast series rounds out this solution and makes it highly attractive for machine manufacturers in the plastics sector.

For fully electric and for hybrid plastics machines, we offer a comprehensive, cost-optimized portfolio of drives and motors that provide outstanding flexibility for designing your machine configuration.

Whether highly dynamic multi-axis applications with modest power requirements or large-scale machines with high power requirements up to 140 kW – the power supply units are available with an optional energy recovery system that can help lower the energy costs.

Compact design

Compact design

Extremely compact design through single-axis and multi-axis configuration for maximum scalability

End-to-end system

End-to-end system

Turnkey solution as part of the KePlast software package or use with third-party systems via EtherCAT field bus



Scalable performance for the full range of electric and hybrid plastics machines

Control engineering

Control engineering

Drive-based control for perfect process accuracy

Concentrated performance in a small package

Complete hardware and software package including service, reliable application, and broad functionality: The KeDrive D3 drive system helps you create smart, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions for your multi-axis applications.

Drives, motors, and software packages fit together perfectly and allow your machine to achieve its maximum performance. The KeStudio tool suite makes commissioning a breeze and provides extensive diagnostics support.

The great power range of up to 120 kW of power supply and 450 A of peak current make it easy to realize electric injection molding machines with up to 500 tons of clamping force. The KeDrive D3 multi-axis system stands out for its unique combination of electrical axes with hydraulic servo pumps.

Your benefits for injection molding machines

Compact size & simple installation

The compact and simple design of the control cabinet is always an important consideration in machine engineering – because of costs on the one hand, but also because of the structural framework conditions and the installation requirements.

This is exactly where the KeDrive D3 comes in. The flexibility of the multi-axis controller significantly reduces the space required in the control cabinet, and the simplified wiring concept reduces installation time and thus manufacturing costs – the most important factor in the series manufacturing of machines.

Control technology in the drive

The control system makes the difference!
The sophisticated control structure of the drive as well as predictive feed-forward control provide for the greatest-possible dynamics paired with the highest precision.

These highly optimized structures in combination with built-in pressure control with a cycle time of 125 µsec are used for injection molding applications or applications with fast processes, and support the fastest-possible responses to process changes. This high-speed control achieves an excellent quality of the parts as well as reliable process windows, keeping the weight of the plastic parts constant and minimizing rejects.

The built-in control package for hydraulic servo-pumps rounds out the technology portfolio and thus offers an attractive end-to-end solution for hybrid injection molding machines.

Large motor portfolio

Image of motors

KEBA servomotors are three-phase motors for sophisticated servo applications; they are available for all speeds and voltages. The servomotor is particularly well suited to highly dynamic injection molding machines. In combination with the KeDrive D3 drive system, it allows your machine to achieve its maximum performance.

Optimization at all levels

The large number of single axes and double axes in combination with the matching motor selection creates a wide range of options for optimizing your machine series.

The high peak currents of the drives paired with power supply units specially designed and optimized for the processes in injection molding machines make an attractive complete package.
Our experts are here to help you at any time: If desired, they can analyze your entire machine cycle and partner with you to find the optimal design of your drive system.

Into the future with KeDrive D3

The KeDrive D3 offer innovative benefits ideally suited to plastics processing – get ready for the challenges of the future!

Focus on energy efficiency

In factory automation, it is the drive systems that account for the largest share of the energy consumed. KeDrive D3 offers the following benefits that help optimize energy efficiency:

  • Active energy recovery systems limit the peak loads and thus the energy costs
  • Capacitor modules for dynamic temporary energy storage
  • Intelligent energy storage systems protect against power outages and increase machine availability

Condition monitoring

Increase the productivity of your machine and use KeDrive D3 to respond early to the wear and tear of mechanical components. Drive-based condition monitoring:

  • The drive unit internally collects the relevant data and converts and compresses the data based on mathematical models
  • The collected data are made available in a convenient format for further processing

An end-to-end system is more than the sum of its parts

The KeDrive D3 solutions integrate perfectly into the KePlast end-to-end system. EtherCAT high-speed communication is used between the control system and the drive unit.

The software in particular – for example, the seamless integration into the KeStudio tools suite, the centralized data management and diagnostics, and the interplay between the controller components and the drive – highlights the strengths of the end-to-end system. Customers have been enjoying these benefits of the KePlast end-to-end system for more than 3 decades.

Partnership & support – everything from a single source!

Following our motto ‘We speak your industry’s language’ and with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and in the control of cyclic processes, we have an in-depth understanding of the technological challenges involved in plastics machines. This is why our drive systems and technology experts have what it takes to support you in the configuration and optimization of your machine design. Our development and support team is your competent partner in optimizing your machine’s performance and in fine-tuning the control of the KePlast technology modules to match them perfectly to your machine.
All support and after-sales issues are addressed quickly and efficiently – another benefit of getting the entire control and drive solution from a single source!

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