Magnetic bearing drive system LeviTurb

The most compact and efficient solution for your turbo blower

Leadership through technology

Our comprehensive technology portfolio and many years of experience gained in applications worldwide make KEBA your optimal parter for all aeration applications. Our know-how about the current challenges in wastewater aeration and a strong team put you in the lead with our magnetic bearing drive solutions.

Shaping the future with the LeviTurb system

Use KEBA’s innovative solutions to take your next step and expand your portfolio effortlessly by using our complete drive and magnetic bearing system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maintenance-free components ensure top system availability
  • Magnetic bearing technology means oil-free operation
  • A single point of contact for all drive and bearing components
  • Robustness against process interference
  • Built-in sensors and condition monitoring functions provide all information at a glance
  • Simple system design thanks to the small number of components

The single-source solution for the aeration market

KEBA’s new magnetic bearing LeviTurb system represents the next technology milestone in your blower portfolio. Our many years of field experience in biological wastewater aeration and yeast fermentation have created a new generation of drives that is unrivaled in the turbo blower market.

The highly efficient drive system with magnetic bearing requires no sinusoidal filter; this allows for a compact design of your blower. KEBA develops, manufactures, and distributes all drive and bearing components in-house so you receive a reliable system with optimal design. With LeviTurb, there will be no more arguments about failures to achieve specified efficiency values or operating points.

  • No sinusoidal filter thanks to the multilevel inverter
  • Magnetic bearing electronics built into the motor
  • Magnetic bearing power supply built into the drive controller
  • Single communication interface for magnetic bearing and motor
  • No UPS/battery required for magnetic bearing thanks to energy recovery in the event of a fault
  • Water cooling system provides independence from outside air
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance thanks to built-in sensors

Expanding your portfolio with magnetic bearing turbos

Manufacturer of roots blowers

KEBA’s LeviTurb system rounds out your blower portfolio with the latest state-of-the-art magnetic bearing drive system. Use our complete package to offer your customers the following benefits:

  • Oil-free and maintenance-free operation
  • Top energy efficiency
  • Compact system design
  • Top system availability

Manufacturer of air bearing blowers

Use the KEBA LeviTurb system to effortlessly broaden your portfolio with the magnetic bearing technology and expand the range of applications of your blower solutions. Our system includes the following benefits:

  • Turbo blowers with power >150 kW
  • No maintenance required thanks to contactless magnetic bearings
  • Unlimited cycle capability of the bearings
  • Top system availability

Manufacturer of turbo blowers with gears

Use the KEBA LeviTurb system to expand your portfolio with next-generation gearless magnetic bearing centrifugal blowers. Our system includes the following benefits:

  • Quick realization with all components coming from a single source
  • Oil-free operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact system design

Our core competencies

We know what is important

KEBA has been active in the fields of wastewater aeration, yeast fermentation and air knives for many years, with more than 500 magnetic bearing drive systems for turbo blowers installed today. Based on a technology portfolio that was started in 1971 and has since been continuously expanded,

KEBA today produces approximately 3000 magnetic bearing drive systems for turbo systems and turbo blowers each year in series.
These include frequency inverters, synchronous motors (PMSM), and active magnetic bearings developed in-house.

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