KeSafe D3

Safe automation system for robotics

Safety for machines, robots and man

We make safety technology for robots and machines invisible for you. KeSafe D3 helps you to implement the different requirements for safety technology quickly and flexibly and guarantees the safe operation of machines and robots in accordance with current standards and regulations. Functional monitoring assistants reduce the need for interference with safety controls to emergency situations only. All this is ensured by our highly-integrated decentralized safety solution. Additionally, safer operation of machines gives series machine manufacturers more flexibility for planning their systems.

Your benefits at a glance

  • freely programmable and scalable safety solution
  • easily adjusted to machine options and versions
  • safety based on abstracted, reusable and certified basic functions for logic, motion and robotics
  • services to create a range of applications (human-machine interaction, cobots, …)
Freely programmable

Freely programmable

Convenient thanks to application tool

Broad range

Broad range

Wide range of safe machine options

Open and universal

Open and universal

for many kinematics types

Service and advice

Service and advice

Support for applications and start-up

Safety technology included

KeSafe D3 is the solution for safety technology for robots and machines. It is offered in combination with the compact control and drive system KeDrive for Motion. The integrated safety board guarantees secure operation of machines and robots in accordance with current standards and regulations.
Safety applications are created easily and efficiently with the certified functional modules. Our integrated solution enables optimal co-operation of functional and secure applications (assistant systems).

The secure communication between the individual safety components takes place via FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT). The secure data transfer to the superordinate or subordinate safety systems is supported by several interfaces:

  • FSoE master/slave via EtherCAT

  • PROFIsafe slave for F-Device via PROFINET

The freely programmable safety application can be created easily using the application tool KeStudio SafeEdit that is integrated into KeStudio. Additionally, the tool allows for easy diagnosis and validation of the safety application.

Available in three configuration levels

The functionalities of our safety technology KeSafe D3 covers simple logical links and secure single-axle functions as well as extended safety functions for robotics applications.

Secure logic applications

Illustration of 1st configuration level using icons.

KeSafe D3 PLC

Pre-constructed components are used to build standard safety elements such as emergency stop switches, enabling switches etc. and are combined to create a complete safety application. Selectable logic modules allow for creating fully customized KeStudio links between input statuses and actuators can be targeted securely using secured digital outputs.
Driver-specific safety functions such as STO (Safe Torque Off) and SBC (Safe Brake Control) are realized in the same way.


  • Certified functional modules for easy integration of common safety elements
  • Freely programmable by linking secure input modules with secure output modules using standard logic modules
  • Secure onboard I/Os and additional secure I/O modules can be controlled in a decentralized form via the FSoE master

Secure single-axle applications

Illustration of 2nd configuration level using icons.

KeSafe D3 Motion

Secure functionalities for single-axle monitoring can be realized with the KeSafe D3 safety controls. KeStudio offers an individual module for each safety function that can then be integrated into the safety application. This allows for the representation of any safe machine functionalities on single axle basis.


  • Manifold certified safety functionalities to monitor single axles in accordance with EN 61800-5-2
  • No limits of combinations of KeSafe D3 PLC functionalities
  • Requirement: KeDrive encoder box and drive units with secure Hiperface-DSL encoders

Secure robotics applications

Illustration of 3rd configuration level using icons.

KeSafe D3 Robotics

KeSafe D3 Robotics offers extended safety functions for robotics applications. They enable you to realize your products/facilities in accordance with the safety requirements for industrial robots pursuant to EN ISO 10218. KeSafe D3 Robotics modules are available for safety applications via KeStudio.


  • Extended safety functionalities for robotics applications
  • Can be used for any series kinematics
  • Can be combined with KeSafe D3 PLC and KeSafe D3 Motion functionalities
  • Requirement: KeDrive encoder box and drive units with secure Hiperface-DSL encoders

Safety technology with KeSafe D3 at a glance

Four customized solutions

You can create holistic and secure robotics and machine applications with the following four hardware and software products. No additional safety assessment efforts are required.

Laptop displays the KEBA software program KeStudioEdit

Safety programming

KeStudio SafeEdit

Our engineering tool allows for simple and free programming of all safety applications using virtual links between the modules. Additionally, they include extensive diagnosis functions and support you in validating the safety application. You can create the maximum configuration for each machine option from the office and then adjust them easily to the machine on the production floor later.

Product features

  • Graphics editor for safety application (virtual links)

  • Supports all functional KeSafe D3 configuration levels (thanks to extensive technology modules)

  • Freely programmable: extensive diagnosis options and support in validation

  • Version management (machine options)

Hardware image of safety controls of KEBA KeDrive D3 with Safety Controller

Safety control

KeDrive D3 with Safety Controller

The safety control combines safety logic and drive monitoring in a single device. Offers error-proof (onboard) inputs and outputs. This makes additional safety features for driver units unnecessary, with the exception of STO.
Simple safety functions to extended safety-based robotics solutions can be implemented without hassle.

Product features of KeDrive D3-DU 3x5

  • Best performance for I/O, single-axle and robotics safety

  • Quick reaction times

  • Highly integrated into functional controls

  • Can be expanded using secure bus protocols

Hardware of the secure encoder box of KeBA KeDrive D3-Smm

Safety encoder box

KeDrive D3-SMM

The certified encoder box accepts decentralized inputs of encoder signals as well as additional secure inputs and outputs, which are sent to the control unit via a cable. The inputs make it possible to connect secure switches, buttons or other control elements directly to the machine or in the vicinity of the robot. All outputs are used for the secure control of engine breaks or are kept available for discretionary use.
In order to safely disengage the brakes (also without control cabinet), the safety functions are integrated directly into the encoder box - for example in order to prepare robots for transport or to monitor the speed (SLS) of disengaged axles.

Product features

  • Decentralized encoder analysis

  • Reduction of wiring

  • Flexible applications

  • Fast dynamics monitoring

Hardware image of a secure drive unit of KEBA KeDrive DMS2 with Safety Encoder

Secure drive unit

KeDrive DMS2 Motor with Safety Encoder

KeDrive DMS2 driver units are available with the high-resolution hyperface DSL encoders. Thanks to modern digital safety encoders, secure high-performance applications can be realized in a cost-efficient and time-saving one-cable method.


  • Highest degree of reliability

  • High overload capacity

  • Low torque ripple

  • One cable for performance and encoder signal

Human-robot co-operation

Many years ago now, the automation expert from Austria investigated how applications in human-robot interactions could be expanded profitably, without a considerable need for programming.
We have systematically advanced the KEBA robot core with abstracted, reusable basic functions.

Secure co-operation with KEBA’s scalable safety solution KeSafe D3 is already available for all human-robot interaction applications subject to ISO TS 15066. The KEBA safety system for robots is not limited to any certain set of robot mechanics. KeSafe D3 is open and universal by design. It provides functions such as secure cells, safe Cartesian speeds and secure monitoring of tools for a vast variety of freely configurable robot types. Special features: Not only robots and their tools can be represented in the safety controls, but also additional axles moving the robot itself or with which the robot cooperates.

Read more in the following article:

Technical specifications

A hand is drawing cogwheels on a glass window.


  • Complete solution up to category 4, PLe under EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 under EN 62061 and EN 61508
  • Safe single-axle function under EN 61800-5-2
  • Safe robotics modules under EN ISO 10218
  • Certificate: EC type examination certificate 01/205/5688.01/19
  • Interface with superordinate safety devices and slave devices
  • Safe onboard I/Os: safe digital inputs - 20 | safe digital outputs 2A - 2 | safe digital outputs 0,5A - 8 | safe relay exists - 2
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