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    ServoOne product range

    Single-axis and multi-axis systems

    High-performance servo controllers for sophisticated solutions

    The modular design of the ServoOne product family guarantees its optimal integration into your machine process at all times. A fine-tuned single-axis system and an energy-efficient multi-axis system cover all applications in a broad performance spectrum. Whether using high-speed field bus communication with the central multi-axis machine controller or distributed Motion Control intelligence in the drive controller, ServoOne excels at both.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Rated current: 4 - 450 A
    • Overload factor: up to 300 %
    • Cooling methods: Air cooling up to 170 A / liquid cooling from 16 to 450 A
    • Optional integrated braking resistors: air-cooled up to 32 A / liquid-cooled up to 450 A


    size for optimal cabinet utilization



    built-in functional safety ensures personnel protection right in the drive controller



    cooling methods with air cooling or liquid cooling systems



    dynamic of highly diverse linear and rotative motor systems

    Performance range up to 450 A of rated current

    Power with 300 % overload capacity

    Large field bus variety (standard Ethernet-based field buses)

    Built-in or optional safety

    High-performance control systems

    Single-axis or multi-axis systems with sinusoidal energy recovery

    Graphic of control systems

    Powerful control engineering for your machine

    • High sampling frequency up to 16 kHz for optimal motor control

    • Predictive feed-forward control structures for precise path accuracy

    • Filter for damping of mechanical vibrations

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    • Correction of encoder errors using the patented GPOC method

    • Compensation of motor torque-ripple and friction torque

    • Correction of mechanical spindle errors

    • Automatic commutation finding for synchronous motors without absolute value encoder

    • Sensorless control of synchronous motors

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    Integral part of the ServoOne servo controller

    • Flexible and reliable programming of the safety application

    • Safety sensors can be connected directly to ServoOne

    • Safe cross communication

    • Optional safe monitoring of external axes (SS1, SS2, SLS)

    Function packages

    The controllers of the ServoOne product range can be ordered with specially customized function packages. They are then equipped with extended software and, if applicable, hardware. The iPLC function package can be combined with other function packages.

    Hydraulic function package

    The servo hydraulic system (‘servo pump’) combines the advantages of an electric servo system with the power density of a hydraulic drive. The servocontroller of the pump motor provides the closed-loop control of the hydraulic state variables (pressure, flow rate, cylinder position if applicable).

    iPLC function package - IEC 61131 programming

    The IEC 61131 programmable iPLC shares the ServoOne micro controller platform with the drive controller. This allows optimal access to all system and control parameters as well as interfaces.

    HF function package (high frequency)

    The HF function package is perfectly suited to spindles and turbo machines. Its main characteristics include the maximum rotating field frequency of 1600 Hz with selectable switching frequencies up to 16 kHz and adapted control structures.

    Field bus diversity

    This product range provides a flexible integration into control and automation engineering.

    ServoOne offers a wide range of different field bus systems.

    • RealtimeEthernet-based communication interfaces such as:
      EtherCAT, Sercos III, PROFINET IRT or PowerLink

    • Sercos II + III as established communication interfaces in the machine tool

    • Tried-and-tested field bus interfaces such as CANopen based on the DS301/DSP402 profiles and PROFIBUS DPV1 round out the ServoOne field bus portfolio.

    ServoOne Junior

    High-performance servo controller for the lower end of the performance range

    Optimized for the lower end of the performance range, the ServoOne Junior servo controller comes with all the technology features of the ServoOne product family. The full functional compatibility and handling of the servo controllers within the ServoOne family is always guaranteed.

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    ServoOne Junior easily bridges the gap between cost-optimization, minimal size and maximum functionality. The integration of high-speed field bus systems and latest encoder interfaces guarantees future-proof flexibility. Extensive motion control functions provide a wide range of possible solutions.

    • 3 - 8 A rated current at 1/3 x 230 V AC
    • 2 - 16 A rated current at 3 x 400 - 480 V AC
    • Overload capacity up to 300 %
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    Maximum applicability

    Built-in iPlc

    Integrated programmable single-axis positioning and sequence control

    • Customer-specific adaptation of the controller to the required motion
    • Quick on-site adjustment if requirements change
    • Programming in IEC 61131-3 languages
    • Programming system CODESYS 3.x

    Technical specifications

    Performance dataServoOne single-axis systemServoOne multi-axis systemPSU multi-axis system (26 -360 kW)ServoOne junior
    Mains voltage1x 230V AC; 3x 230 - 480 V AC565 -770 V DC3x 400 - 480 V AC1/3x 230 V AC; 3x 400 -480 V AC
    Rating at 1x 230 V AC4 A (1x 230 V)4 - 450 A-----3 - 8 A (1/3x 230 V)
    Rating at 3x 400 V AC4 - 450 A----26 - 360 kW2 - 16 A
    Overload factor1,5 - 2,01,5 - 3,01,0 - 2,03,0
    Rotating field frequency400 Hz / 1600 Hz optional400 Hz / 1600 Hz optional----400 Hz
    Power stage switching frequency2, 4, 8, 12, 16 Hz4, 8, 12, 16 Hz4, 8, 12 kHz2, 4, 8, 12, 16 kHz
    Built-in brake chopper electronicsStandard----StandardStandard
    Built-in braking resistorOptional----StandardOptional


    Product photo of the KEBA servocontroller product family
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