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Using robots flexibly in machines and systems

Integrate robots easily

Do your customers expect machines and systems to be more flexible? And all this should be easy to handle and function reliably?

Then we have the perfect solution for you.

The technology of robotics is an essential building block for this. This realization is made possible by our robot control.

Learn now how robots can be perfectly combined with your existing processes.

What question are you asking?

You face numerous challenges. Our robotics solution shows clear paths to the solution.

Do you want your end users to get along with robot-based solutions without any problems?

Challenges for your customers
Operators of machines and systems with integrated industrial robots often complain about the difficult operation of several different systems, the high effort involved in changing over to new end products, and the complex optimization of their production. The advantages of robot-based solutions are thus partially lost again.

Solution with KeMotion
With KEBA robot systems, users operate machines and robots from a common environment, robotics and process technology play perfectly together and support flexible and optimized production processes. You can create consistent operating scenarios that remain in the user's world across all components.

Do you have full control over your robot or do you just feel like a passenger?

Your challenge
The control packages of modern industrial robots offer mature solutions for a wide range of standard automation tasks. However, in the case of special technological or process-related requirements for the behavior of the robot, most users reach the limits of these standards and cannot find a way to really move the robot optimally in interaction.

Solution with KeMotion
KEBA robot systems offer you a wide range of options for optimally adapting the behavior and motion sequences to your specific requirements, thus creating outstanding overall solutions - your know-how makes the difference! At the same time, it will be easy to handle for your users.

Are you looking for a universal solution for the use of standard robots and application-optimized robots?

Your challenge
Do you want to deploy a wide range of robotic solutions? For some tasks, standard industrial robots are the best solution. These offer sophisticated robotics functionality at an attractive standard price
Application-optimized robots, on the other hand, make sense when the application places special requirements on the robot's design or function. However, these requirements are often met by compromising on the robotics functions. This leads to heterogeneous solution architectures that mean a multiplication of effort for all life phases of your solution portfolio - to the detriment of your users, developers, and service technicians.

Solution with KeMotion
With KEBA robot systems, you can operate both standard industrial robots and application-optimized robots with a common system, thus creating a consistent solution basis - mature, powerful in any configuration, and easy to operate and maintain.

You want accurate statements about the productivity and performance of your robot-based solutions - before you implement them?

Your challenge
Robots are often embedded between higher-level plant controls and lower-level process controls. The interaction is often extremely complex. The behavior of the entire plant can only be determined after the system has been set up. That's why you either enter the sales process cautiously or take the risk of not quite being able to keep promises after all.

Solution with KeMotion
Thanks to the common control basis for machine, robot, and process, KEBA robot systems offer the possibility of making precise statements about performance, productivity, and behavior by means of simulation even before implementation. Solution variants can be easily compared. Dimensioning is supported by the digital robot models and exceptional situations are safeguarded in advance without risk and almost free of charge. Commissioning and optimization of real solutions are accelerated and all commitments are met.

Is the uniqueness of your process solutions lost when combined with robots?

Your challenge
You have acquired valuable process know-how and derive unique solutions from it. In interaction with standard industrial robots, much of this is lost because neither operation nor process description or interfaces adequately supports these solutions. The advantages and know-how cannot be fully exploited, they are within the narrow limits of standard solutions.

Solution with KeMotion
KEBA robot solutions can be adapted to your tasks in a variety of ways. The combination of proprietary process solutions and robotics on a common automation platform creates unique solutions.

Do you want robots to integrate seamlessly into your solution concept?

Your challenge
Industrial robots form their own universe when it comes to handling integrated overall solutions when it comes to operation, programming, or service. When users deploy robot-based solutions from different manufacturers, they, therefore, demand uniform robot technology for their own production - this presents you with new challenges
How many different robot manufacturers can you support?

Solution with KeMotion
KEBA robotics solutions transform the robot in your plant from a foreign body into a seamlessly integrated, self-evident component. Users do not program robots but create and optimize integrated processes for new products. The focus shifts from the manufacturer of the respective robot to the best overall solution.

Hardware and software for robotics

The goal is to make the realization of projects easy and fast. Short times in development, application-optimized machine design as well as quick and easy commissioning are the basic requirements of mechanical engineering firms.

Control and drive system

Robotics, PLC and motion are combined in a single controller. This creates many benefits, such as a simplified system design and a standardized programming interface.

More about KeDrive D3

Out-of-the-box or custom software

Wizards and templates: Making life as easy as possible for our users is a principle embodied in the KEBA motto “parameterization instead of programming”. This makes it easier to implement modifications.

More about the robotics software

Intuitive operation of robots and machines

Excellent ergonomics and intuitive operation for efficiency in operation and observation: You receive powerful, application-optimized hardware and user-friendly software.

More about KeTop handheld operation devices

Safety for humans and machines

Faster implementation of safety-relevant requirements: It includes a safety CPU with software that allows the safe operation of machines and robots in compliance with the current standards and directives.

More about KeSafe safety technology
Rendering of robot demonstration

Process solutions with KEBA robotics

Perfect Interplay of Process and Robotics

Handling or assembly: Dynamic, precise movements in narrow workspaces, complex 3D movements | Real-world applications: Pick & place, assembly, bolting, spot bonding etc. |

Path process: Fast motion with constant velocity along a complex geometry | Real-world applications: Welding, bonding & sealing, deburring, inspecting/measuring, coating

Surface processing: Fast, precise motion along 3D surfaces with difficult geometry | Real-world applications: Painting, cleaning, polishing, coating,
3D inspections, 3D measurements

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