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Differentiation through open software architecture

Freedom during the programming of heating applications and operating design

Optimised software packages

The KeEnergy solution enables an individual design of the application and user interface. In addition to the complete solutions for heat pumps and biomass heating systems, the open System platform also enables individual adaptation of the system.

This means freedom both in the programming of the heating application as well as in the customization of the operating design.

The right package for every requirement

The software and support packages offered for the KeEnergy system are divided into the following classes depending on the scope: * Complete * Individual * Embedded

Complete package

With the complete package, it is possible to develop turnkey solutions that are ready for series production in a very short time. User interface, heat generation and heat distribution are optimally matched to one another.

Individual package

The complete package is used if selected components such as heat generation and the user interface of heater OEM are self-programmed; this ensures optimum know-how protection.

Embedded package

The KEBA software framework, consisting of a Linux platform and an Eclipse-based programming environment, is suitable for heater manufacturers with their own software development department.


Simple integration of technology modules

The Linux operating system allows for the use of modern programming and diagnostic tools as well as up-to-date communication standards. This enables the use of extensive software libraries for which Linux drivers are available.

The openness and expandability of the KeEnergy control system ensure investment security and fast “time-to-market” when implementing new requirements.

Save 95% of development expenses

Building on the mature software, which consists of the LINUX operating system and the KeEnergy applications for heat pumps and biomass, savings up to 95% of the total expense for the development of a new control software program can be achieved.


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