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Recycling Quota

Recycling Quota

Production Austria

Production Austria

Green IT

Green IT



Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Recycling quota

Reuse of raw materials

9.3 out of 10 KEBA self-service machines get recycled

  • From casing to
  • electronics to
  • individual components

Together with professional partners, the entire device is returned to the value cycle.

Why the recycling rate is crucial for us?

If we make optimum use of existing resources, there is no need to use up new ones. We place the same quality demands on reprocessed materials in our production as we do on new ones.

Production in Austria

In the heart of Europe

  • Austria stands for high environmental standards. With our production in Linz we are committed to these.
  • The careful handling and recyclability of raw materials are integrated into our production processes, as is energy efficiency in manufacturing. This approach is also recognized and certified by independent parties.

Why location is so essential for the environment?

We produce close to our sales markets and can therefore shorten transport distances. In addition, proximity to our customers allows us to respond quickly.

Green IT

Our products themselves are environmentally friendly

The evo series cash recyclers focus on energy efficiency in their overall concept. During the design phase, many adjustments were made to reduce energy consumption by 40%. The heart of the self-service recyclers, the recycling module, plays a major role in this development with its standby mode during non-transaction times.

Why is it so important for us to consider Green IT in our products?

KEBA is very aware of its responsibility as an ATM manufacturer. With more than 15,000 ATMs in Europe, every kilowatt hour of electricity saved multiplies. In addition, our efforts also reduce the operating costs of our customers.


Durability: the centric of resource conservation

KEBA uses durable materials such as metal, glass and reinforced plastics in the self-service machines. Compared to predecessor models with plastic hoods, the glass front of the evo series, for example, is very resistant. Scratches, fire damage from lighters and the like are avoided and thus also reduce replacement cases.

Why the choice of material is so important?

Metal and glass are materials that can be 100% recycled. They are also more durable than many plastics and rarely need to be replaced during the life cycle of the machine.

Predictive Maintenance

Using software to save CO2

An innovative solution, which gets developed internally, makes it possible to reduce the number of trips made by service technicians and WTU significantly - thanks to AI-supported software.

Why CO2 emissions from cars are so crucial?

Especially in Europe, traffic is considered a major contributor to CO2 emissions. Every kilometer saved contributes to the reduction and in turn lowers the operating costs of our self-service products.


Through all these and other small measures, we save around 11 tons of CO2 annually with a fleet of 200 evo recyclers.

Converted, this is the CO2 absorption of more than 700 trees.

The savings in the area of Green IT alone reduce operating costs for this fleet by more than 25,000 euros per year.

Choose KEBA and join us on the path to a greener future!

More KEBA environmental projects

It is not only in the area of bank automation that attention is paid to resource-saving handling

Our locations are also ideally aligned with climate targets Through our projects, we were able to save 253 MWh of electricity annually by 2018. Want to know more?

KEBA Energy Automation has been involved with future-proof charging infrastructure for e-cars for many years. In 2021, the KeContact P30 Green Edition could be presented as a logical consequence: the world's first climate-neutral wallbox.

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