Sustainability in bank automation

At a glance

Our sustainable cash recyclers and non-cash terminals are based on a fundamentally energy-efficient concept. We applied a large number of adjustments during the design phase to cut energy consumption by 40%.

We use long-lived materials like metal, glass and reinforced plastics. This prevents scratch marks, burns from lighters and similar, and reduces the number of replacements.

Our self-service terminals are produced in Austria. In Europe especially, traffic is considered one of the primary causes of carbon emissions. Every kilometre not driven contributes to reducing emissions, in turn reducing running costs for our self-service products.

  • All this, together with a host of additional minor measures, cuts the emissions of our roughly 200 evo recyclers by about 11 tonnes of CO2 a year.
  • This is equivalent to the annual CO2 consumption of more than 700 trees.
  • The savings from green IT alone reduce running costs for our fleet by more than 25,000 euros a year.

Choose KEBA and embark with us on the journey into a greener future!

Recycling rate

Recycling rate

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Green IT

Green IT



Location Austria

Location Austria

Recycling rate

Sustainable ATM machines through reuse of resources

9.8 of 10 KEBA ATM machines are recycled.

  • From housing to
  • electronics to
  • individual components

We partner with professionals to return the entire machine to the value cycle.

Why do we put so much stock in the recycling rate?

When we make optimal use of existing resources, we don’t need to use up new ones. For our production processes, reconditioned materials have the same quality criteria to meet as new materials.

Woman operating the evo series cash recyclers

Predictive Maintenance

Saving CO2 through software
One innovative solution we’re currently working on will utilise AI-assisted software to significantly reduce the number of journeys service technicians or CiT companies need to make.

In Europe especially, traffic is considered a major cause of carbon emissions. Every kilometre not driven contributes to reducing emissions, in turn reducing running costs for our self-service products.

Green IT

Our products themselves are sustainable and ecologically sound

The environmentally friendly cash recyclers from our evo series are based on a fundamentally energy-efficient concept. While working on their designs, we did a lot of tweaking to achieve a 40% reduction in energy consumption. The core component of the self-service recycler, the recycling module, switches to standby mode during non-transaction periods to shoulder the lion’s share of this reduction.

Why do we place so much stock in incorporating green IT in our products?

KEBA takes its responsibilities as a machine manufacturer very seriously. With more than 15,000 ATMs throughout Europe, every kilowatt-hour saved is worth it a thousandfold. On top of that, our efforts also help reduce our customers’ running costs.

Production in Austria

In the heart of Europe

  • Austria stands for high environmental standards. With our production in Linz we are committed to these.
  • The careful handling and recyclability of raw materials are integrated into our production processes, as is energy efficiency in manufacturing. This approach is also recognized and certified by independent parties.

Why location is so essential for the environment?

We produce close to our sales markets and can therefore shorten transport distances. In addition, proximity to our customers allows us to respond quickly.

Long-lived materials

Longevity: the be-all and end-all of saving resources

KEBA uses long-lived materials like metal, glass and reinforced plastics to produce environmentally friendly ATMs and self-service machines. Compared with the predecessor models, which had plastic hoods, the glass panels used on the evo series are highly durable. They prevent scratch marks, burns from lighters and similar, and reduce the number of replacements.

Why does the material used matter so much?

Metal and glass are materials that can be completely recycled. They are also more durable than many plastics and rarely ever need to be replaced over a machine’s service life.

Austria as a production location

At home in the heartlands of Europe

  • Austria commits to strict environmental standards. By basing our production sites in Linz, we take on this commitment ourselves.
  • Careful use of resources, reusability of raw materials and energy-efficient manufacturing are hallmarks of our production processes. Unaffiliated accreditation bodies have recognised and certified our procedures.

Why is the choice of location so important for the environment?
We manufacture close to our sales markets, which means we can make transport routes shorter. Being close to our customers also means our response times are short, too.

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