Lifecycle service for lottery terminals

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At a glance

The KeWin Lifecycle service concept accompanies you through the entire life cycle of your KeWin system. Starting with a time-saving and professional start-up, KEBA looks after all services to do with your KeWin system. Regular maintenance keeps high availability of your KeWin lottery terminals.

You can keep your KeWin system up-to-date with upgrades and integrate individual solutions. KEBA is here for you if you want to change the location of your KeWin system and supports you with the change of location. In the final phase of a KeWin system, KEBA removes your old device and commissions your new KeWin lottery terminal.








The availability of your KeWin system is ensured by KeWin maintenance services. We make it possible for you to follow your strategy with an individual combination of services.

Preventative maintenance

To pre-empt failures of the KeWin lottery terminals, KeWin Service carries out preventative maintenance in which all KeWin system components are checked, cleaned, tested and also repaired if necessary. The availability of your lottery terminals is kept at the high KEBA level in this way.

On-site repairs

If an unexpected operating fault should occur with your KeWin terminals once again, you can also rely on our trained technicians within the KeWin maintenance service! Due to individually agreed Service Level Agreements, you can define what reaction times and repair times you wish in case of malfunctions.

KeWin Quality Assurance

KEBA provides you with a package of extensive quality assurance measures so that existing problems in the operation can be remedied quicker. You benefit from KEBA quality management with our proven and coordinated processes.

KeWin Quality Assurance provides extensive quality assurance measures consisting of quality control, quality systems and quality behavior as a perfect supplement to your maintenance contract.

Quality issues are examined from all angles and strategies and potentials are detected and utilized by means of regular quality meetings comprising of complementary teams.


Professioneller Service

We evaluate service partners worldwide according to our high quality demands in order to offer you a unique service experience. The service partner is certified by our coordinated training program for service partners.

The program is carried out by all of our partner’s service technicians. Due to our service partner concept, you also remain independent when operating your terminals but can still rely on the high quality standards of KEBA.

Training packages

Hardware training

The functionality of the terminals down to the circuit level will be explained in our hardware detail training courses and the corresponding documentation provided.

Software training

KeWin software training courses deal with the functionality and application of the LoTAP application platform developed by KEBA. It will also be explained to the customer how to use the drivers for creating an application. The corresponding training documents are made available for this.

Repair trainings

KeWin repair training courses prepare our service partners for repairing the KeWin lottery terminals in the best possible way. The technicians working there will be trained to repair all KeWin components by our KEBA training program with the goal of setting up an on-site repair center. This saves time and money.

Spare parts

KeWin spare parts & repair

To allow our customers to replace expensive spare parts in a cost-efficient way, KEBA offers to repair these spare parts in our repair center. This way, the customer gets a high-quality spare part on more favorable terms.

It is also possible that a repair center will be opened on-site by you in which defective components are professionally repaired by KEBA certified repair technicians and quickly make them operational again.

Support Helpline

You need help?

Sie benötigen Hilfe?

KeWin Helpline : +43 732 7090 27474

[email protected]

You will find all manuals in our document portal ready for you to download

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