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Tiny lottery terminal - giant performance

Wide range of functions
The KeWin micro is without doubt the smallest terminal with a full range of functions on the market. It was developed specially for use in limited space, e. g. at the supermarket checkout and for retailers with low to medium ticket volumes.

Minimal footprint
All components such as clamshell printer, barcode and betting slip scanner, user interface, system control, communication solution are integrated in a single housing in one logical unit. And all this with a terminal size of just 160 x 247 mm (WxD).

Easy to use, easy to operate

The KeWin micro terminal is particularly user-friendly due to the ergonomic input and output function and the control of all functions via the multitouch-capable display.

The integrated clamshell printer makes changing paper quick and easy, and the compact terminal design simplifies on-site service. The entire unit can be replaced in minutes, as only the power supply cable and all communication cables need to be disconnected and reconnected.

KeWin Micro Green

The climate-neutral version of our popular lottery terminal

Together with ClimatePartner, the CO2 footprint was determined according to the "cradle-to-customer plus waste" principle. The result: the CO2 footprint of a KeWin Micro Lotto terminal corresponds to 13 pairs of running shoes - and that over the entire product life cycle of 10 years. We achieve climate neutrality on the one hand through consistent CO2 reduction and on the other hand through compensation services.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy to operate thermal printer with clamshell technology (drop & print)
  • A full range of lottery terminal functions in combination with a minimal footprint
  • A modular structure that protects investments and enables flexible adaptation
  • Open PC architecture, which allows the application of various communication solutions (e.g. Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, 5G, …)
  • High degrees of reliability and availability that prevent sales losses
  • Fanless system control, which ensures especially low power consumption and long service life
  • The processing of tickets up to DIN A6.
  • Full-surface scanning and OCR/OMR evaluation allow flexible ticket format selection and the rapid introduction of new games
  • Ergonomic design that integrates every movement into the operating flow and supports the operating procedure

Reliable and future-proof

The high-quality standard PC components with industry quality installed in the KeWin micro allow precise adjustment to customer requirements without additional development costs - also subsequently, in the case of technical developments. This guarantees an attractive time to market and maximum investment protection.

The lottery terminal system controller provides high performance without needing a fan.
The low number of moving parts makes the KeWin micro not only particularly service-friendly but also provides outstanding life service and reliability - ideal conditions for continuous operation.



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