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Win Big with KEBA's Eco-Friendly Lottery Terminal

The first climate-neutral lottery terminal comes from the Austrian manufacturer KEBA. The new KeWin Micro was introduced last year and is now also available in a climate-neutral version on request. Together with the experts for climateneutral production, the current CO2 footprint was calculated and measures for reduction were implemented.

After the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION, a climate-neutral charging station for electric cars, now follows the next KEBA product, whose CO2 footprint was surveyed together with a renowned consulting firm. Sustainability plays a major role at KEBA, not least because the diverse customers of the Austrian automation expert insist on products that take this aspect into account.

The joint project began with a survey of the current CO2 balance on the basis of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. "Only when it is clear where we currently stand meaningful improvements can be initiated," explains Walter Gritzner, Vice President Lottery Solutions.

The calculation of the current CO2 footprint was carried out according to the principle of "cradle-to-customer plus waste", i.e. from the extraction of raw materials through production to its disposal. The actual status survey carried out ensures that all CO2 emissions that KEBA can influence are considered and an overall picture is created.

One of many steps towards climate neutrality

According to the calculations, the carbon footprint of a KeWin Micro terminal is around 220 kg.

This corresponds to about 680 kilometres of driving or the production of 13 pairs of running shoes. With the recording of the PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) of the KeWin Micro, initial reduction measures could also be derived. Since KEBA as a company has already taken comprehensive measures to reduce the CO2 footprint, over 90% of the CO2 emissions of a KeWin Micro remain in material procurement and pre-processing.

Consequently, suppliers are also included in the project and sourcing by KEBA is carried out under sustainability aspects. Measures to further reduce CO2 include switching completely to green electricity and sustainable product design in terms of material selection and separability and recyclability.

For KEBA Lottery Solutions, the KeWin Micro CO2 savings project is only the first step towards climate neutrality. The high-volume, high-speed lottery terminal KeWin Multimedia will also follow its little brother into a green future. The analysis project together is already in the starting blocks.

Jetzt klimaneutral: KeWin Micro

Now climate-neutral: Kewin Micro

With offset projects into a climate-neutral future

CO2 is inevitably produced during the manufacture of new products. In order for KeWin Micros to be climate-neutral, it is therefore necessary to provide compensation services in addition to consistent and continuous CO2 reduction. These are made possible by annually audited and certified climate protection projects. For example, KEBA can invest in projects to promote renewable energies or to recycle plastic in order to compensate for the CO2 produced. If desired, a project from the customer's country of origin can also be selected.

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