Tips for your application

An application process can be quite nerve-wracking: First impressions count and you want to show your best side! But we also know that blunders and small mistakes are all too human.

Our KEBA recruiters - the very people who check your CV and sit opposite you at a job interview - have a lot of experience and share with you here what is really important to them when applying for a job.

Recruiter from Austria

"Show us your uniqueness: Set yourself apart from other applicants by highlighting your personal skills and experience. Authenticity and honesty are important to us - you can do without general phrases and statements!"

Bianca Altendorfer
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"Present your personality: be yourself and convince us! A natural and authentic appearance is what counts for us when making a first impression. Your application is like a business card, a recent photo is essential. To prepare for our interview, think about your areas of development and what you expect from us. Show us your enthusiasm and don't be afraid to express your opinion."

Daniela Drasl
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"What I look for in the application is whether you show your personal side as well as your professional interest and whether you can convey your motivation and passion for the apprenticeship. Share with us hobbies or projects that inspire you - this allows us to get to know you better. Also important: your willingness to learn and develop yourself further."

Lisa Haberleitner
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"You can score points by proving that you have looked into KEBA as a company and employer: Give us specific reasons why you would like to do an apprenticeship with us. This shows interest and motivation and, for me, is the basis for a good working relationship."

Tamara Haberleitner
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"Use the time to get to know each other and highlight your individuality. Show us what makes you unique, what you're passionate about and where your strengths lie. It's important to me that you're authentic and honest - don't try to pretend to be someone you're not. By asking specific questions, both sides can find out whether we are a good match."

Eva Oberhuber
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"Informative application documents are your business card for a good first impression. If you have an interview, be honest and authentic in your answers. Tell us what is important to you and ask questions so that we can find out together whether you are a good fit for us and whether we as a company are a good fit for you. Ultimately, it should be a 'match' for both sides."

Sandra Pilgerstorfer
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"What scores points with us? Honest enthusiasm for the position and our company. It is important to us that you feel a strong connection to our products, our corporate culture and our values. So please tell us what motivates you to work for us and what drives you to become part of the KEBA team."

Ulrike Schaubmaier
Recruiter KEBA Austria

"During the interview, let's talk about how you envision your professional future and why KEBA is the right employer for you. If you like our way of working and you can convince us of your expertise (that's what we call the expertise of each individual in the context of our collaboration), a lot has already been achieved for a successful future collaboration."

Simon Steidl
Recruiter KEBA Austria

Recruiter from Germany

"Be honest! We don't want to hear the 'right' answers from you, we really want to get to know you. Gaps in your CV can also happen - don't try to cover them up, but tell us how they came about. We want to find out together whether you are a good fit for KEBA and whether we are a good fit for you."

Julia Blum
Recruiter KEBA Germany

"Have the courage to apply: Even if you don't meet all the qualifications and requirements in the job profile 100% , we look forward to receiving your application, because there is no such thing as the perfect candidate and there is a lot you can learn."

Claudia Haßler
Recruiter KEBA Germany

"Be yourself! We are looking for applicants who can contribute their individual strengths. It's important to us that you fit into the team and we want to get to know you and your personality."

Claudia König
Recruiter KEBA Germany

"Sweaty palms and about to go crazy at a job interview? Excitement is completely normal. Stay calm and concentrate on your strengths. Answer in detail and not in monosyllables. Since we have invited you, we are very interested in getting to know you properly."

Max Schneider
Recruiter KEBA Germany

"You convince us with good preparation! Show us that you know exactly why you fit in with us! Also use the time to ask your questions. We are happy if you show interest."

Johanna Simon
Recruiter KEBA Germany

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