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Sustainability at KEBA Energy Automation

We drive sus­tainable technologies

As a European provider of solutions for electromobility and sustainable heating systems , we at KEBA Energy Automation think and work true to our guiding principle 'We energize sustainable technologies'. This is why sustainability, climate protection and the energy transition are very important to us. After all, our technologies are used in areas where moving away from fossil fuels is the basis of our customers' success. Whether it's charging electric vehicles or heating with biomass or heat pump heating systems. Our products are designed to reduce CO₂ emissions. We also take our own carbon footprint very seriously and consistently put it to the test. Why is that? Because we are always aware of our duty to use resources carefully and the potential consequences of individual decisions, both large and small.

These values have shaped our actions for many years. The KEBA Group's principle of in-house value creation is in harmony with local production and therefore low emissions in terms of transportation and logistics.

in 2021, we decided to communicate our convictions to the outside world. Specifically, the product carbon footprint (PCF) of our charging station for electric vehicles - the KEBA KeContact P30 wallbox - was recorded, which also has a corresponding share in the overall company footprint due to the success of the product.

In the course of this, processes, materials and our supply chain were examined. A PCF baseline value was determined according to the 'cradle-to-customer plus waste' principle. Thanks to the consistent use of reduction potentials in recent years, our initial PCF value has already been very low. But with the implementation of various initiatives, we have reduced our CO2 footprint even further. Always according to the cycle principle: measure – reduce – compensate.

Why compensate? Compensation is a controversial topic, after all there are all sorts of cases in which companies make no effort to reduce the PCF and only rely on advance payments. We at KEBA take a different approach when it comes to compensation. We looked for a partner who would provide a transparent portfolio of different projects that you can look at yourself, critically assess and thus get to know in depth. In 2021 we did exactly that and selected a few projects that fit us and our values. There is a clear principle here: Greenwashing or things like that must be avoided by all means, also in the interest of our entrepreneurial success. Our partner in this process was and is the Austrian branch of ClimatePartner.

However, the continuous reduction of our carbon footprint is more important to us than the compensation. In order to reduce this even further, we have strategically determined that we as a company will continue to invest significantly in reduction and drive forward corresponding internal projects. Appropriate specifications are already in place for new product developments and new acquisitions. The aim of the whole thing is very clear: the company's climate neutrality.

By having our corporate footprint calculated, we are also putting ourselves to the test. Our long-term goal is to become climate-neutral as a company. This may be ambitious, but in our view it makes sense and is unavoidable.

Stefan Richter
CEO, KEBA Energy Automation Gmbh

There is a clear principle here: greenwashing or things like that must be avoided by all means, also be in the interest of our entrepreneurial success.

Gerhard Weidinger
CTO, KEBA Energy Automation Gmbh

CO₂-optimized wallboxes made in Austria

We attach great importance to sustainability: that's why we produce regionally in Linz and mainly use European components. This ensures short transportation routes and saves CO₂.

But it's not just in the production of our charging solutions that we pay attention to their footprint. We also consider the recyclability of materials and the energy efficiency of production right from the design stage. Once the product is on the market, we continue to test it regularly in our in-house laboratory on the latest electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This enables us to ensure that KEBA solutions will charge every car flawlessly in real-life operation for years to come.

KEBA wallboxes are known for their longevity. And this fact is another key element for us in the fight against climate change. Because what works does not become waste. And if an old or defective KEBA wallbox is replaced after years, we refurbish it if possible and put it back into use as a refurbished device.

Since the beginning of 2022, all KEBA charging stations have also been CO₂ optimized. While this only applied to the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION in 2021, the entire range went green a year later. Because what we do, we do consistently.

For a sustainable future

Wallboxes Made in Austria

We produce regionally with a focus on short transport routes to avoid emissions.

Climate-neutral company

We aim to make the entire company climate-neutral.


Since 2022, all KEBA wallboxes sold in the DACH region have been produced in a climate-neutral manner.

More about the GREEN EDITION

Refurbished devices

We repair old and defective wallboxes to avoid waste and give them a new life as refurbished models.

Sustainable packaging

We use carton for packaging and reduce the use of paper to a minimum.

Green Energy

We cooperate with electricity providers to offer our customers exclusive green electricity tariffs.

eMobility store

Sustainability was also a priority when operating the KEBA eMobility Store - it is 100% climate-neutral.

More about the store

Active commitment to more sustainability

Together we planted trees in Upper Austria to make the future a little bit greener.

Social Environmental Team

A Social Environmental Team ensures that our green goals are implemented and achieved.


We started the fight against climate change – but we are not fighting it alone. We have allies who, like us, see electric mobility as the key to a greener future. It is important to support them and that is why we have created the #GREENthankyou Award – a refurbished and individually designed wallbox that we give to people who are promoting electric mobility.

With the #GREENthankyou wallbox, we want to thank those people who are driving the mission to shape a sustainable future and who are making remarkable contributions in terms of electric mobility and energy transition. It is awarded several times a year by an internal KEBA committee made up of passionate people who consistently live and value our corporate purpose 'we energise sustainable technologies'.

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