KeContact P30

The climate-neutral charging solution

What makes the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION so special

We at KEBA Energy Automation have been focusing intensively on the topic of sustainability with the aim of manufacturing a product that has no negative impact on the climate - neither through its production, nor its transportation, packaging, lifespan or disposal. The result of these efforts is the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION.

This carbon-neutral wallbox is a step towards a greener future. But that doesn’t make it any less innovative and powerful. On the contrary, it combines what’s important to our customers: sustainability and technology that’s fit for the future.

Advantages at a glance

  • Charges all electric and hybrid vehicles quickly, comfortably and safely
  • Easy to install and immediately ready for use
  • Offers maximum investment protection
  • Is equipped with numerous safety features
  • Gives users the certainty that they’re doing more for the climate
Low Emissions

Low Emissions

Resource-friendly in all stages of production



Made in Austria, to keep transportation routes short



Manufactured to last many decades



Your purchase supports climate action programs worldwide


More than green energy

The KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION is not only a carbon-neutral wallbox but also an innovative charging station that charges every electric and hybrid vehicle quickly, comfortably, and - most importantly - safely.

The GREEN EDITION wallbox features

  • a universal Type 2 connector
  • quick 3-phase charging
  • a durable 6-meter charging cable
  • charging power pf up to 11 kW
  • a size of 240 × 643 × 140 mm (w × h × d)
  • integrated DC leakage detection
  • an appealing, timeless design

We think green

Sustainability an KEBA Energy Automation

We at KEBA Energy Automation are deeply committed to sustainability: Having our plant in Linz as well as the use of predominantly European components ensure short transportation routes. These steps considerably reduce carbon emissions. Already in conceiving our charging solutions, we’ve focused heavily on the recyclability of materials, the production’s energy efficiency, and its longevity. And for our first carbon-neutral wallbox we’ve gone one step further.

With the support of ClimatePartner, we calculated our carbon footprint according to the “cradle-to-customer plus waste” principle - which is to say, from raw materials and production to disposal. Having determined this value, we’ve been able to take measures to reduce greenhouse gases, to eliminate them altogether, or to offset them in some cases. This is how we’ve created a wallbox that blends what our customers want with what our climate needs: the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION.

Climate action programs

We support several climate action projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner

The KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION was conceived with the aim of emitting as little greenhouse gases as possible during production.
And in order to offset the carbon emissions that nevertheless occur, we invest in handpicked certified climate action programs. The CO₂ generated is thus offset or saved elsewhere. For this commitment, we have been awarded the ClimatePartner label for climate neutrality.

Climate Action Program in Marocco


Wind farm in Tanger-Tétouan

We support a wind farm in Morocco, thus promoting

  • green energy for thousands of people
  • the region’s sustainable development
  • the social and economic status of women
Climate Action Program in the Alps


Regional alpine projects

We support the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, thus promoting

  • sustainable development in the Alpine region
  • the preservation of natural habitats like native forests, lakes and alpine meadows
  • the implementation of the Alpine Convention, which includes thematic areas such as the conservation of nature, energy and the climate
Climate Action Program in Brasil


Forest protection in Pará

We invest in protecting the Amazon rainforest and thus help

  • save 86,000 hectares of forest from commercial deforestation
  • 400 local families to create alternative sources of income
  • to support one of the poorest regions in northeastern Brazil in the long term

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