The carbon-neutral charging solution

An edition becomes our standard

Every KeContact P30 now also contains a GREEN EDITION

We launched our first CO₂-neutral wallbox in spring 2021. In thoroughly examining how to become more sustainable, we first came up with the idea of the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION. Neither the production nor the transport, packaging or disposal of this charging station has a negative impact on the climate. This means that it combines everything that matters to e-car drivers, merging sustainability with future-proof technology.

Now, one year later, we are taking this idea a step further: As of April 2022, we will only be producing wallboxes that are climate-neutral. Our GREEN EDITION thus went from being one variant to becoming the epitome of what we at KEBA stand for in addition to quality, safety and longevity. And the journey continues. Unconditional commitment to sustainability has permeated our entire company. Thus, our goal is to become completely climate-neutral. And we are working on this – every day.



Resource-friendly in all stages of production



Made in Austria, to keep transportation routes short



Manufactured to last many decades



Purchase supports climate action programs worldwide

We think green

Sustainability at KEBA Energy Automation

At KEBA Energy Automation we are deeply committed to sustainability: Manufacturing our products in Linz and using predominantly European components ensure short transportation routes. This reduces carbon emissions. Already in the design stage of our charging solutions, we focus heavily on the recyclability of materials, the energy efficiency of the manufacturing process and the products’ longevity. In switching to a purely carbon-neutral product range, we have gone one step further.

Following the principle of ‘cradle-to-customer plus waste’ – i.e. from the extraction of raw materials to production and disposal – we assessed the carbon footprint of our wallboxes with the support of ClimatePartner. With this information, we were able to take measures to reduce, avoid or, where necessary, offset greenhouse gas emissions. This is how we’ve created a wallbox range that brings together everything our customers want and the climate needs.

Climate action programs

We support several climate action projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner

Whether it’s the KEBA KeContact P30 a-series, c-series or x-series – all wallbox variants are manufactured with the aim to emit as few greenhouse gases as possible during production. To offset the emissions that have proven unavoidable, we invest in handpicked certified climate action programs.
The CO₂ generated is thus compensated or cut elsewhere. For this endeavour, we have been awarded the ClimatePartner label climate neutral.

Climate protection project in Morocco


Wind farm in Tangier-Tétouan

We support a wind farm in Morocco, thus promoting:

  • green energy for thousands of people
  • sustainable development of the region
  • the social and economic situation of women
Climate protection project in the Alpine region


Regional projects in the Alpine region

We support the Vitalpin KlimaInvestment initiative, thus promoting:

  • the sustainable development of the Alpine region
  • meaningful and effective projects for sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, renewable energies, circular economy, nature-based greenhouse gas reduction and environmental education
Climate protection project in Brazil


Forest protection in Pará

We invest in the protection of the Amazon rainforest, thus helping:

  • to save 86,000 hectares of forest from commercial logging in the long term
  • 400 local families in creating alternative sources of income
  • to sustainably promote one of the poorest regions in the north-east of Brazil

Frequently asked questions

What does climate-neutral / carbon-neutral mean?

Our charging stations are climate-neutral. This means that they do not increase the amount of climate-damaging gases in the earth’s atmosphere. We make our wallboxes climate-neutral by calculating their CO₂ emissions, taking measures to reduce them and offsetting any unavoidable emissions by supporting recognised, certified climate protection projects together with ClimatePartner.

Is every KEBA charging station climate-neutral?

As of April 2022, we will only sell climate-neutral charging stations in the DACH region. In May 2022, we will also roll out the climate-neutral range in all other countries.

How is the GREEN EDITION different from the normal KeContact P30?

With the KEBA KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION, we brought the first climate-neutral wallbox onto the market. For us, it was an important first step towards becoming a sustainable company. We’ve taken many more steps since then. For example, as of April 2022 we will be converting our entire wallbox range to exclusively carbon-neutral charging stations. The GREEN EDITION thus went from being just one variant to becoming the standard: this means that every KeContact P30 is now also a GREEN EDITION. Consistent. Climate-neutral.

Who is ClimatePartner?

ClimatePartner is an independent and internationally active company that has accompanied us on our way to a climate-neutral range. With its many years of experience, it helped us calculate and reduce our CO₂ emissions. Together with ClimatePartner, we have developed and implemented long-term climate protection strategies and offset CO₂ emissions by supporting a variety of climate protection projects.

How were the climate protection projects selected?

We do everything we can to avoid CO₂ emissions in the production of our wallboxes as well as their transport and disposal. Where CO₂ emissions cannot be prevented, we offset them by supporting selected climate protection projects.

Our employees chose which projects we support. Their focus was on ensuring that we pursue as many different approaches as possible. For example, we are supporting a project in Austria that benefits domestic species conservation, a project in Africa that provides green energy to thousands of people and one that is combating the overexploitation of nature.

What do we do apart from compensation?

Our sustainable charging stations are the result of an intensive study of sustainability in all areas: purchasing, production, logistics, durability and functionality.

With our own electronics production in Linz, Austria, and the resulting short transport routes, each of our products is inherently more climate-friendly. Over the last few years, we have also successively optimised our CO₂ footprint by avoiding and reducing emissions. Among other things, we have adapted our packaging and switched to green electricity in production. The remaining, unavoidable CO₂ equivalents were assessed together with ClimatePartner. We offset these by supporting climate protection projects.

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