Biomass heating control

Reliable hard- and software for biomass heaters

The KeEnergy p1000 biomass control offers an outstanding combination of hardware and software for your heaters as a complete package for pellet, woodchip or log heating systems.

The hardware is of industrial quality; the individual components are connected via a fast serial bus and are freely expandable. Software packages that are optimally matched to one another facilitate fast and individual creation of a new heating application.

System overview

KeEnergy p1000


Operating unit

The AP440 operating unit with integrated control is installed either directly in the boiler or in a living room. It is used, on the one hand, for visualization and operation and, on the other hand, for the control and regulation of the entire heating system. The high-resolution, graphics-capable 5” color display with intuitive touch operation offers convenient operation for the end customer and the service technician.


Boiler module for biomass

The boiler module is provided with a robust metal housing for the protection of the electronics. Thanks to the UL compliant development, the heating control is ready for international markets. In addition, the module satisfies the common legal standards and directives and is prepared for the implementation of safety standard EN303-5/2012 for central heating boilers.


Heating circuit module

The heating circuit module is used for the automation of the heat distribution and supports a large selection of hydraulic schemes. It includes actuators and sensors for two heating circuits, a hot water tank, a buffer and a thermal solar system. An especially simple connection technology, a convenient wiring compartment and many cable entires facilitate fast and simple installation of the heating circuit controller.


Room controller

The AP415 room control unit enables the comfortable setting of the desired
room temperature and the operating mode of the heating from the living room. Both room setpoint temperature and operating mode are set easily and intuitively via a touch display.

In addition, it functions as a room thermostat and provides the heating control via the current actual values to the heating control system via a temperature sensor and humidity sensor.

AP415 is connected to the system via WLAN.

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