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The charging solution from a single source

Charge at home in a multi-family house or housing association

Make your property more attractive with charging stations

The mobility of the future has begun: Conventional combustion vehicles are becoming less relevant, and the number of electric vehicles is on the rise. These electric cars have to be charged somewhere. For this reason – besides charging options in public areas – garages and local parking spaces are becoming increasingly important options for charging points. As a result, the availability of charging options in private areas is becoming a more and more important criterion when it comes to renting or selling properties.

It is therefore time to make properties fit for the future by installing a sophisticated charging infrastructure – and thereby enhance their value considerably. The move towards greater electromobility in the DACH region is also favoured by a wide range of legislative changes.

The German Federal Government is supporting this transformation through, among other things, the Charging Infrastructure Master Plan, the Residential Property Modernisation Act (German abbr. WEMoG) and the Building Electromobility Infrastructure Act (German abbr. GEIG). In Austria, the amendment of the Residential Property Act for owners of flats in multi-party houses is also leading to a more uncomplicated installation of chargers there. The core of all these reforms is to make it easier for tenants and owners to install individual charging stations in multi-party houses. This makes it all the more important for property managers to set up a sophisticated charging infrastructure for an entire multi-family house in advance – using a charging solution from KEBA.

Optimised charge management

Optimised charge management

Maximum use of the building electrical system

Future-proof investment

Future-proof investment

Always up to date thanks to continuous updates

For up to 200 chargers

For up to 200 chargers

Scalable load management at one grid connection point

Monitoring of charging sessions

Monitoring of charging sessions

Different options for generating charging reports

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Web seminar: Charging solution for residential complexes

Learn everything about the purchase, installation and application of our charging solution for multi-family houses and residential complexes in this new web seminar!

The advantages of KEBA at a glance

From on-site assessment to holistic planning and implementation all the way to setting up the backend – we are happy to support any project from start to finish together with our certified partners. But that is only one of the reasons why a charging solution from KEBA is the right choice. Here are just a few more:

  • Charging stations compliant with measurement and calibration laws for billing charging sessions
  • Scalable local charging solutions with 1 to 200 charging points
  • RFID authorisation to protect against third-party use
  • Static or dynamic load management for the best possible utilisation of the building electrical system
  • Carbon-neutral production of charging stations in Austria
  • Automated billing with backend possible
  • KEBA eMobility portal for centralised control and set-up of the charging stations

Two variants to perfectly suit individual needs

A charging solution from KEBA is as individual as the property in which it is installed

Whether in an apartment building or in a residential complex with numerous flats – the climate-neutral KeContact P30 charging stations can be used to set up exactly the right charging infrastructure that meets the needs of the tenants and owners and the special conditions of the property. You can choose from the following two basic variants:

Flat meter variant

  • All intelligent chargers are connected to the flat meter used
  • Charged kWh are billed directly via the electricity meter of the flat
  • Installation of a calibrated charging station is possible, but not mandatory
  • No running costs
  • System can be expanded at any time
  • Central load management possible
  • RFID authorisation to protect against third-party use

General meter variant

  • All intelligent chargers are connected to the general meter
  • Billing is carried out by the property management or the backend
  • Installation of calibrated charging stations recommended (chargers compliant with measurement and calibration laws are required in DE & AT)
  • Central load management possible
  • Simple retrofitting of additional charging points
  • Individual documentation for billing with employers possible (calibrated charging stations or ones compliant with measurement and calibration laws)

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