KeContact P30 a-series

The charging station for safe and easy charging at home

Quick and carbon-neutral charging at home

The KeContact P30’s a-series is specifically optimized for quickly and safely charging your EV or PHEV at home. This charging station allows you to charge all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids quickly, conveniently, and safely. In addition, it – like all other charging stations by KEBA – is produced climate-neutrally in Austria.

An optional user authorisation via RFID ensures that only authorised individuals can start a charging process at the KeContact P30.

Advantages of the a-series charging station at a glance

  • Output of up to 22 kW (three-phase with a maximum of 32 A)
  • The devices work in the offline mode and are therefore ideally suited for uses in which no online access is required
  • User identification and authorisation via RFID is optional
Single- or three-phase charging

Single- or three-phase charging

depends on the model variant and country’s power grid

Authorisation <br> via RFID

via RFID

access control option available

USB port at charging station

USB port at charging station

for firmware updates and configuration

Ethernet connection

Ethernet connection

for firmware updates and debugging

Simple plug & charge solution for your EV

The a-series optimally complements our carbon-neutral KeContact product range, as it provides the opportunity to charge an electic car car safely and conveniently at home. Like the c-series and x-series wallboxes, the a-series also has DC leakage detection. A technically correct installation thus only requires a Type-A breaker switch. Different device variants ensure that the carbon-neutral KeContact P30 a-series perfectly adapts to your needs and your electric vehicle:

  • available with or without fixed Type 2 connector
  • 6-meter cables in all cable variants
  • can also be ordered as shutter variant upon request
  • white design cover

Product comparison

 a-series c-series x-series Company car
Charging power
up to 3.7 KW (single phase)
up to 7.4 KW (single phase)
up to 11 kw (3-phase)
up to 22 kw (3-phase)
Charge plug connections
Type 2 with charging cable (6 m)
Type 2 with socket 
Type 2 with shutter
Load management
As master    
As client    
Communication interfaces
KEBA eMobility App & Portal 
Ethernet RJ45
Ethernet LSA+ 
UDP & Modbus TCP (passive) 
Modbus TCP (active)  
4G / LTE  optional  
ISO 15118 hardware-ready     
Technical features
Direct current fault monitoring
Approval input
Switch contact output
Energy meter (MID/ME)
Integrated Energy meter  
MID-certified optionaloptional  
Compliant to the German calibration law (ME)  optionaloptional  
LED display
Custom-Design-Coveroptional optional optional optional optional
Download detailed product comparison

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Consistent. Climate-neutral.

From the first GREEN EDITION to the carbon-neutral wallbox product range

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