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Smartphone and tablet in a box of a KEMAS transfer station

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Your ideal port of call when handing over important objects
The KEMAS portfolio is ideal for all business transactions and provides an innovative object transfer solution for all kinds of important items. No matter whether you need to deal with keys, hand over medication or substances or manage weapons and ammunition, your objects are kept safe and secure in the handover solution at all times.

Optimum user safety and security is constantly ensured as all deposits and withdrawals are seamlessly logged, which also helps to reduce losses.

KEMAS business areas


Safe and secure access control and safekeeping of important objects such as keys, electronic equipment, medication, vehicle keys, work equipment, tools, weapons and documents.


Ensuring mobility solutions are available and efficiently managing vehicle pools – user-friendly administration as well as safe and secure issuing and return of vehicle keys and solutions for demand analysis and availability checks.


Ensuring that resources are used economically and are available in line with demand – standardised, reliable automation of processes for material goods as well as monitoring their use, condition and availability.


Textile management for work clothing – smart, database-based systems for optimised and automated allocation, issuing and return of items of laundry.


KEMAS has been one of the leading manufacturers of self-service solutions for safe, secure, documented and traceable handovers of important objects since 1991. The company became part of the KEBA Group in mid-2016.
The KEMAS automated handover solution uses RFID technology to provide a smart, safe, secure and clear means of recording, managing, storing, planning and transferring objects.

Examples include documents such as contracts and official papers, as well as valuables such as keys, medication, work equipment, tools, textiles, weapons, jewellery and much more.
KEMAS object transfer solutions are designed to protect against unauthorised access, loss, tampering and misuse. As each individual transaction is seamlessly documented and clearly assigned, the KEMAS solutions also fulfil all auditing requirements.

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