Digital and self-service terminal KePlus D10

Benützung SB Digital Terminal mit NFC

At a glance

The KePlus D10 is KEBA’s all-rounder when it comes to non-cash services. Maximum scope of service and top usability are the hallmarks of future-proofing and open up a new kind of communication channel.

Whether we’re talking about

  • closing a deal,
  • talking to a bank advisor,
  • making money transfers or
  • getting quick help with questions,

KEBA’s non cash terminals can handle anything you throw their way.

Multi-format camera scanner

Multi-format camera scanner

up to size DIN A4

Bundle printing

Bundle printing

up to size DIN A4



for swipe-and-tap operation

Handicapped accessible

Handicapped accessible

and user-friendly

Best customer experience through top usability

The only way to produce an amazing customer experience is to have self-service terminals that are accessible and intuitive to use.

  • Laying out all controls in the field of vision and
  • guiding users with highlighted interface elements form the foundations for intuitive operation.
  • The infinitely adjustable screen adjusts individually to the lighting conditions in the branch, ensuring perfect visibility at all times.

The KePlus D10 also passed an examination by the independent experts from myAbility with flying colours.

Use of the SB Digital Terminal with NFC

For the bank branch of tomorrow

Besides being useful for payment transactions, the multiformat camera scanner KEBA has developed also paves the way for pioneering, digital services.

With the KePlus D10 non-cash system, private and public banks can offer their customers innovative services and stay optimally prepared to meet any coming requirements.

  • Scans up to size A4
  • SEPA receipt
  • Bar code reader and QR scanner
Smartview GIF

Top scan results with SmartView

Top usability for the brand new core component: the multiformat camera scanner.

SmartView technology, patented by non-cash terminal manufacturer KEBA, provides the ability to see the scanned area directly.

The range of reach for users is easily visible and the area is only darkened once the scan is triggered, in order to ensure perfect scanning results.

Performance durch esafe

Top performance when printing and when addressing customers

The brand new bundle printing mechanism, specially developed for the evo series non-cash systems, can print both classic bank statements and A4 format.

The 19-inch multi-touch display gives you state-of-the-art swipe-and-tap operation with an additional option for addressing customers in the upper screen area.

Thanks to the large interactive area and KEBA’s SmartFrame solution, you can easily show marketing content or realise a digital rearview mirror.

Ihre Vorteile

Digital services

  • All options for payment transactions
  • Multiformat scanner for a myriad applications
  • Prepared for video chat and more
  • Innovative offers for interested customers


  • ATM assistant and service activities are all handled through the front of the machine
  • Patented SmartView technology
  • All components within field of vision


  • Ready to take on any future scenario
  • Extensive range of options
  • Many features and options can be added later

Maximum availability

Top reliability and best usability thanks to state-of-the-art components like

  • the novel multiformat camera scanner and
  • the simplified bank statement printer,
  • all in tried-and-tested quality from self-service terminal manufacturer KEBA

New scenarios

Phasing out the physical letterbox

  • Scan signed contracts or documents with the multiformat camera scanner
  • Secure and guaranteed forwarding to a central inbox for further processing
  • Eliminate courier drop-off between branches


Offer your customers an e-safe for them to keep their important documents safe in the secured bank network.

  • One more service to offer your customers
  • Simple and convenient scanning in the self-service area or through online banking
  • A safe alternative to other cloud service providers

Concluding contracts

Video ID authentication

  • Sell finance products or open accounts on the KePlus D10
  • Communications channel between customer and your partner for video ID authentication
  • Fully legal contract conclusion right there on the self-service terminal


The 19-inch multitouch screen offers space enough for extra content besides the banking application:

  • Digital rearview mirror
  • Ad content for approaching customers
  • Applications can be moved on screen
  • Potential addition: virtual keyboard

Communicate via chat

Video chats for quick Q&As with the banking hotline

  • Schedule appoints,
  • resolve questions about the transaction or
  • provide support

Usable in lot of ways

Popular even beyond the banking industry

By the way, not only banks use the KePlus D10. The communications terminal is also used by public administrations.

With its easy-to-use interface, the terminal provides those citizens access to digital administration services who don’t or only rarely use digital offers. Combined with a handover station where people can collect or submit documents regardless of office hours, citizens benefit from a comprehensive service.


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