Account services KePlus D10

The all-rounder for digital services &

The KePlus D10 is KEBA‘s all-rounder when it comes to cashless services. Maximum performance and usability create future security and a new type of communication channel.

Multi-format camera scanner

Multi-format camera scanner

up to DIN A4

Bundle printing

Bundle printing

up to DIN A4



for tablet-like usage

Maximum usability

Maximum usability

and customer centricity

Use with NFC

The bridge between the physical and digital worlds

Pleasant service and increased customer satisfaction

In addition to applications in payment transactions, the multiformat camera scanner developed by KEBA is also a door opener for future-oriented, digital services.

Banks can offer their customers innovative services and are also optimally
equipped for future requirements with KePlus D10.

  • Scan up to DIN A4
  • SEPA document
  • Barcode and QR scan
Performance esafe

Maximum performance in printing and customer contact

The brand new bundle printing unit, which has been developed especially for the non-cash systems of the evo series, covers both classic account statements and printing in A4 format. The 19-inch multi-touch display promises a modern, tablet-like operation and allows an additional possibility to address customers in the upper screen area.

Implementing advertisements or a digital rearview mirror is effortless thanks to the big interaction area and KEBA‘s SmartFrame solution.

Smartview GIF


Best usability for the brand new core component: the multi-format camera scanner.

At the beginning of the transaction:
The glass above the scanning area is transparent. Customers and bank employees have a good view of the area.

Start scanning process:
The foil in the glass switches and becomes non-transparent. This ensures a homogeneous scanning result.

Completion of the transaction:
The glass becomes transparent again and customers are reminded to take their documents with them.

Ajustable Display

Convincing customer experience thanks to best usability

Creating a unique customer experience only succeeds when self-service systems are particularly intuitive to operate. The arrangement of all operation elements in the viewing area and the prominent user guidance form the cornerstone for intuitive operation.

  • The adjustable screen adapts individually to the lighting conditions in each branch and always offers the best view.
  • KEBA‘s patented SmartView technology enables a direct view of the scanning area.
  • During a scan transaction, the glass area above becomes opaque to ensure the best scanning result.

Expandable at any time

Self-service terminal and cash recycler combined

The unique Wing concept allows expanding the systems of the evo series individually. In addition to the coin deposit function, the main components of the KePlus D10, the multi-format camera scanner as well as the statement printer, will also be available in the Wing in the future.

Combined in one device, cash and non-cash services create an efficient point of service for smaller branches.

Advantages at a glimps

Digital Services

  • All possibilities in payment transactions
  • Multi-format scanner supports various use cases
  • Prepared for video chat and more
  • Innovative offers for open customers

Easy to use

  • For customers, bank employees and and service technicans
  • Patented SmartView technology
  • All components in view


  • Wing variants for existing cash systems can be retrofitted at any time
  • Can be integrated into new branch concepts
  • Large option portfolio also for later retrofits

Maximum availability

Highest reliability and best-in-class usability due to state-of-the-art technology like

  • innovative multiformat-camera scanner,
  • brand new statement printer and
  • proven KEBA quality.

Innovative Use Cases

Digitize step by step - with help of KePlus D10, the pioneer for digitalization

Replace the physical channel

  • Scanning of signed contracts or documents on the multiformat camera scanner
  • Secure forwarding to a central inbox for processing
  • Save courier trips between branches

Contract closing


  • Sale of financial products or account opening at the KePlus D10
  • Communication channel between the customer and your Video-Ident provider directly at the self-service terminal
  • Legally compliant contract conclusion


The 19" multi-touch screen offers enough space for other displays beside the customer application:

  • Digital rearview mirror
  • Advertisements
  • Sliding application
  • Space for a virtual keyboard

Video Chat

Video chat for short questions with the bank hotline

  • Organizing an appointment
  • Questions about transactions or
  • Assistance


Offer your customers an e-safe to store their important documents in the secure banking network.

  • Additional service for your customers
  • Easy and convenient scanning in the self-service zone or via online banking
  • A secure alternative to other cloud providers

Versatile in use

Not only popular in the banking sector

By the way, KePlus D10 is not only used in the banking sector. The communication terminal is also used in public administration.

The terminal's easy-to-use interface makes the administration's digital services accessible even to citizens who make little or no use of digital services. In combination with a submission station, where documents can be collected and submitted regardless of office hours, citizens are offered a comprehensive service.


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