Accessible ATM machines

Frau im Rollstuhl vor dem Non-Cash Terminal KePlus D10

At a glance

Why accessible?

Handicapped accessible self-service systems are becoming more and more important. Ease-of-use is decisive in ensuring high customer acceptance and, as a direct result, keeping your systems at high efficiency.

In light of an ageing population, accessibility has become an essential factor since the likelihood of disability increases as people get older. Almost 50% of people over 65 in the EU have some form of disability – creating a significant target group for businesses and organisations.

In 2025, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) will come into force to account for this development and provide a legal framework governing accessibility across all of Europe.

High customer acceptance

High customer acceptance

brings high satisfaction

Reduce user error

Reduce user error

to improve ease-of-use

Support transition

Support transition

from counter to self-service channel

Elderly man in front of an evo series cash recycler

Better user experience

Handicapped accessible ATM manufacturers are turning their attention more and more to user experience in the field of self-service systems. How bank customers and ATM assistants perceive their experience has a major effect on how profitable a branch is. An accessible ATM that is easy and intuitive to use will increase the number of customers using your self-service area, earning you higher self-service turnover.

As an accessible cash recycler manufacturer, we build our evo series machines around the Design4All principle, which makes self-service visually appealing and easy for all user groups (customers, service technicians, ATM assistants).

European Accessibility Act (EAA)

Legal framework for ICT products in the EU

The European Accessibility Act defines a framework for a broad range of products and services.

  • Operators and suppliers will be liable for products or services that fail compliance
  • Legal weight comparable to GDPR or ADA in the USA
  • Legacy provisions for existing systems

Applicable European standard for information and communications technology (ICT) products:

  • EN 301 549
  • Includes specifications for how high/low things must be to reach
  • Already accounted for in the design of the latest KEBA self-service machines
Animated person in a wheelchair operates a cash recycler from the evo series

Standardized range of reach

Easy to use for everyone

The standard EN 301 549 is applicable across, and harmonized for, Europe as a whole. It specifies how high or low elements on self-service machines must be to lie within accessible range. The specifications aim primarily to make use easier for people in wheelchairs or with wheeled walkers.

The handicapped accessible ATMs for self-service areas from our evo series comply fully with all hardware specifications in EN 301 549.

Close-up of the head height connection on the evo series cash recycler

Standard equipment & options

As a handicapped accessible cash recycler manufacturer, we include many elements for ensuring accessibility of our machines as standard or offer them as optional add-ons for the evo series cash recyclers and the KePlus D10 non-cash terminal.

  • Headphone jack for audio-visual user guidance
  • Improved card reader ergonomics
  • Large-screen user interface
  • Tactile pictograms in braille
  • Stainless steel keyboard with homing bars and trackball
Wheelchair accessible cash recycler

Wheelchair accessible cash recycler

People in wheelchairs or with wheeled walkers in particular find using a self-service machine with underside clearance far more pleasant. As an accessible ATM manufacturer, our product range includes machines specifically for this scenario. Both the KePlus FT10 and the KePlus RT10 are available with design panelling that makes them a wheelchair accessible solution.

You can integrate them in a whole variety of ways. Check out our blog article so see more options for designing your bank branch as an accessible space.

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