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Safe, convenient and sustainable

You’re planning to purchase an electric car or a plug-in hybrid, or have already ordered the vehicle of your choice? All that’s missing now is your own wallbox. First and foremost, this ensures two things: charging safely at home and utmost convenience – as your car veritably refuels in your sleep. You don’t have to wait. Plus, AC charging at home is both battery- and budget-friendly. Having your own wallbox pays – also in the long run.

Here at KEBA you will find the perfect charging solutions not only for every vehicle model but also for every intended use – whether your preference is offline, connective or smart, simple charging, using your own solar power or passing on the costs of private electricity to the employer. All KEBA wallboxes are easy to use, safe, reliable, and especially sustainable thanks to their climate-neutral production in Austria.

Durable & sustainable

Durable & sustainable

designed for long lifespans with update guarantee

Reliable & safe

Reliable & safe

built-in safety mechanisms ensure reliable charging

Smart-home integration

Smart-home integration

communication with home and PV system is possible

Climate-neutral charging solution

Climate-neutral charging solution

purchase supports climate protection programmes worldwide

Our green KeContact P30

A green model became an entire climate-neutral wallbox product range

At KEBA Energy Automation we are deeply committed to sustainability. In 2021 we developed our first climate-neutral charging station: the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION. This wallbox only presented the first step on our path to a sustainable future – and many more steps have followed. That’s why a single carbon-neutral charging station became an exclusively climate-neutral wallbox product range in 2022. How did we do it? Let us explain.

The mere fact that we manufacture our products in Austria already reduces the carbon footprint compared to other wallboxes on the European market. Additionally, we have switched to green electricity for our entire production and overhauled our packaging in terms of sustainability. Whatever carbon equivalents remain, from primary production to disposal, are offset by our investment in certified climate protection programmes. This is how we reach our goal of climate neutrality.

Frequently asked questions

More than just charging electricity – with our KeContact P30 charging station you can implement a wide variety of applications.

Why use a KEBA charging station?

With a KeContact P30, you charge your electric vehicle safely and reliably – over many years, thanks to top quality in manufacturing and guaranteed updates. Moreover, all KEBA wallboxes are produced 100 percent climate-neutral in Austria.

Recommended series variants for simple charging at home:

Is smart-home integration possible?

The connective variants of the KeContact P30 charging stations are ideally suited for integration into energy management systems such as a smart home. User Data Protocol (UDP) or Modbus TCP makes it easy to control and monitor your wallbox.

Recommended series variants for charging with smart-home integration at home:

Can I charge my company car with a KEBA wallbox and pass on costs?

If you charge your electric or plug-in hybrid company vehicle at home, you can simply pass on the specific energy costs thanks to the integrated meter.

Recommended series variants for charging with integrated meter for monthly billing:

Is the KEBA wallbox safe from unauthorised access?

All KEBA wallboxes may be protected against unauthorised access, which is particularly useful in freely accessible garages, carports or parking spaces. An authorisation via RFID card then starts the charging process and assigns it to different users.

All our series variants can optionally be ordered with RFID.

Is it possible to charge dependent on the current building capacity?

Data from a separate meter located at the house connection can be accessed via the Modbus TCP protocol. This allows the wallbox to reduce or increase the electric vehicle’s charging rate, depending on the current consumption.

Recommended series variants for charging with communication-ready wallbox via Modbus/TCP:

Does it allow excess PV charging?

Thanks to the availability of various communication interfaces (UDP/Modbus TCP, WLAN, LTE, etc.) in the series variants of our c-series and x-series, the wallboxes can be easily integrated in energy management systems. That enables you to charge with self-produced green energy – it’s as sustainable as it gets!

Recommended series variants for excess PV charging:

Is a KEBA wallbox weatherproof?

All KeContact P30 charging stations can handle the toughest weather conditions and are outdoor-ready – even at negative 25°C.

Need help?

For troubleshooting and maintenance, please contact your retailer.

Go to our download center for user manuals, safety instructions, and technical data. We have also compiled the most common questions about our charging station in the FAQ section.

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