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Trade show appearances

Experience first hand the spirit of KEBA and our intelligent charging infrastructure solution

For over 50 years we have been tracking trends and developing pioneering solutions for the markets of the future. Back in 2009, for example, KEBA became pioneer in electromobility and started developing and producing its own line of charging stations. We have sold more than 500,000 wallboxes since then and are now among the top manufacturers in the world. Our third generation wallboxes offer the latest communication standards and features that open up totally new application possibilities.

Curious? Talk to our electromobility experts about the latest market and product developments and test out our KeContact P30 wallbox.

We cordially invite you and look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming trade fairs

We would also like to invite you to participate in our webinars and to experience our smart charging solutions first-hand.


Paris (FR)
09. March 2023

K.EY Energy

Rimini (IT)
22.-24. March 2023


Stuttgart (DE)
28.-30. March 2023


Salzburg (AT)
24.-26. March 2023

E-world Energy & Water

Essen (DE)
23.-25. May 2023


Munich (DE)
14.-16. June 2023


Manchester (UK)
27.-29. June 2023

London EV Show

London (UK)
28.-30. November 2023

The past trade fairs

Smart E-Mobility Conference

Wels (AT)
04. March 2022


Paris (FR)
16.-17. March 2022


Nizza (FR)
27.-30. March 2022

World Sustainable Energy Days

Wels (AT)
05.-08. April 2022


Vienna (AT)
04.-05. April 2022

eCar Expo

Stockholm (SE)
29. April - 01. May 2022


Gleisdorf (AT)
04. May 2022

HEIX - Tag der Technik

Weeze (DE)
08. May 2022


Munich (DE)
11.-13. May 2022

W.EG. - International Supplier Day

Berlin (DE)
12. -13. May 2022

Power Circle

Salzburg (AT)
18.-19. May 2022

SPS Italia

Parma (IT)
24.-26. May 2022


Freiburg (DE)
24.-26. June 2022

BDEW Kongress

Berlin (DE)
01.-02. June 2022

FEGA&Schmitt Regionalmesse

Aschaffenburg (DE)
03. June 2022


Oslo (NO)
11.- 15. June 2022

Flotauto Paris

Paris (FR)
16. June 2022


Essen (DE)
21.-23. June 2022

Rock den Ring

Vienna (AT)
25.- 26. June 2022


Manchester (UK)
28.- 30. June 2022

MCE - That's Smart

Mailand (IT)
28. June- 01. July 2022


London (UK)
16.- 17. July 2022

E-mobility Rallye Perg

Perg (AT)
12. August 2022

Sonepar Trend + Technik

Hannover (DE)
26.- 27. August 2022

Sonepar Trend + Technik

Bielefeld (DE)
07. September 2022

Sonepar Trend + Technik

Bremen (DE)
14. September 2022

Sonepar Trend + Technik

Mönchengladbach (DE)
20. September 2022

Österreichs Energie Kongress

Vienna (AT)
21.- 22. September 2022


Mailand (IT)
1.-4. October 2022

Light + Building

Frankfurt (DE)
2.-6. October 2022

Flotauto Lyon

Lyon (FR)
6. October 2022

Fischer-Zander Hausmesse

Erlenbach (DE)
07. October 2022

Zander Partnertreff

Freiburg (DE)
14.- 15. October 2022

London Climate Tech Show

London (UK)
19.- 20. October 2022

Sonepar Partnertreff

Salzburg (AT)
20.- 21. October 2022

VDE E-Mobility Conference

Frankfurt (DE)
25.- 26. October 2022


Berlin (DE)
8.-10. November 2022


Rimini (IT)
08.- 11. November 2022

Get Nord

Hamburg (DE)
17.-19. November 2022

Sonepar Trend + Technik

Dortmund (DE)
22. November 2022

Parkopolis (salon des maires)

Paris (FR)
22.- 24. November 2022

London EV Show

London (UK)
29. November- 1. Dezember 2022


Montpellier (FR)
07.- 08. December 2022



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