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Achieve your goals faster with our SDKs

Some of our customers prefer to have their software programmed by their own internal specialists. Our KePol software development kits are designed with this group of experts in mind. We supply complete software packages containing everything developers need to write their own software for their parcel machines.

Our KePol Flexible Locker Integration Platform is designed for delivery lockers that are operated using a touchscreen. It is the ideal starting point for your developments and contains everything you need to integrate the KePol parcel lockers into your software.

For app-controlled package lockers, we also offer KePol App Core for programming apps for customers and delivery drivers. It makes it easier than ever to integrate app-controlled parcel lockers into your software landscape.

Safe & secure

Safe & secure

Encrypted connections to the back-end



Easy-to-use design



SDKs as the starting point for your developments

Two people work together on the laptop on a software for KePol parcel lockers by KEBA

KePol Flexible Locker Integration Platform

Logistics solutions software development kit for developing your own software for touchscreen-based lockers

The KePol Flexible Locker Integration Platform is an end-to-end software package containing everything you need to easily integrate touchscreen-based KePol parcel lockers into customer-specific application software.

How you benefit:

  • Quick to integrate into your own software landscape
  • Not tied to a specific platform: runs on different operating systems (Linux & Windows)
  • Fit for the future: hardware abstraction interface

If KePol Flexible Locker Integration Platform has been installed on a KePol parcel locker, customer-specific software can interact with the hardware via a standard REST interface and SignalR events.

One person is working on the laptop on an app for KePol parcel lockers by KEBA and has a mobile phone in his hand

KePol App Core

Toolkit for developing apps for delivery drivers and end customers for app-controlled KePol parcel lockers
KePol App Core provides a fast, safe, secure and simple way to integrate app-controlled KePol package lockers into an existing or new locker network.

If users want to interact with package lockers that are not operated via a touchscreen, they will need an app on their mobile device. This app communicates with the locker and enables the user to send and collect their parcels.

KePol App Core makes it easy to communicate with app-controlled delivery lockers, no matter if the user has an Android or iOS phone. The entire solution has been designed with utmost ease of use in mind, meaning users do not need any knowledge of the underlying protocol.

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