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At a glance

Sophisticated package locker management software for professional operation

The versatile KePol Software Suite is the ideal choice for any logistics application relating to the first and last mile.

The KePol Software Suite is an end-to-end software package that enables you to commission and use your network of parcel lockers straight away. Implementation has never been so simple! The extensive portfolio ranges from apps for all users through to monitoring platforms. The flexible Software Suite can easily be adapted to changes in transactions or a new corporate design.

Choose KEBA and take advantage of our more than 20 years of industry experience gained from numerous customer projects.

Easy integration

Easy integration

The user-friendly KePol Software Suite can easily be incorporated into your system



Modular design allows for an individual solution tailored to your business processes



Monitor your network of package lockers with Big Data



Tried-and-tested reliability over many years in many customer projects

User interfaces on the display of a KePol parcel station by KEBA and on a smartphone

KePol User-Interfaces

Front-end solutions for any application

The KePol client applications are versatile and available for all user groups. We offer user interfaces for touchscreens as well as mobile devices, depending on which type of delivery locker you have. It goes without saying that they are customisable and can be provided with your distinctive corporate design.

Whether it’s

  • Delivery drivers
  • End customers
  • Service engineers

we have the right solution for everyone. Our mission is to make things as easy as possible to use, so KEBA’s applications are always very user-friendly and intuitive.

User interfaces for KePol parcel lockers by KEBAon smartphones in three different corporate designs

KEBA Parcel

KEBA Parcel for end customers and delivery drivers

The KEBA Parcel app provides a quick, hassle-free way to use KePol parcel lockers. No matter whether packages are being dropped off by postal operators or picked up by end customers – our app makes the whole process as simple as can be.

  • The fonts, colours, images, logos and texts can all be modified in line with your CI
  • Features and workflows can be (de-)activated individually
  • Connect via Bluetooth and mobile data
  • End-to-end encrypted communication
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
Woman looking at statistics about her parcel locker network on a laptop

KePol Cockpit

Extensive back-end software for administering your package locker network

The KePol Cockpit is a comprehensive tool for administering your package locker network. No matter whether you need to

  • activate or deactivate parcel lockers,
  • evaluate KPIs such as the duration of reservations or
  • configure basic settings,

KePol Cockpit gives you a comprehensive insight into what is happening in your locker network, paving the way for seamless and efficient operations.

"With our KePol Software Suite, we supply all the software you need to operate a network of parcel lockers. We set ourselves apart by offering hassle-free integration into your existing software landscape as well as integrated monitoring."

Ingo Hackl
Software Product Owner

KePol Locker Management Platform

Big Data monitoring solution for your network of automated parcel machines

It can be a challenge for operators to maintain a clear overview of their entire network of delivery lockers. In the past, it took experts a lot of time to figure out the key findings from all the data that was collected.

Our Locker Management Platform consigns all that to the history books.
The data generated by the KePol parcel lockers provides an insight into how profitable the lockers are, how they are being used and how efficient the associated processes are.

  • Optimize the average storage period
  • Identify untapped potential
  • Capacity utilisation and site optimization

The above list is just a taster of the many applications that our KePol Locker Management Platform can help with.

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