KeContact P30 c-series

The connective charging station for controlled charging

The intelligent and climate-neutral charging station

Not only is the KeContact P30 c-series a sustainable wallbox that safely charges each e-car or plug-in hybrid. It also has many communication features. The carbon-neutral charging station can communicate with smart-home servers and photovoltaic systems via UDP port and Modbus TCP. This ensures that your self-produced energy is put to optimal use.

Thanks to the integrated and optionally calibrated energy meter (MID-certified or compliant with measurement and calibration law) and the display directly on the wallbox, you also know at any time how much energy has been charged.

Advantages of c-series charging stations at a glance

  • All the benefits of the a-series
  • Communication interfaces for integration in energy management systems (such as smart homes or photovoltaic systems)
  • kWh-precise analysis of the charged energy through the integrated energy meter
  • Optional RFID for user authorisation
Integrated electricity meter

Integrated electricity meter

optionally MID-certified or compliant to gauging and calibration standards

Smart-home integration

Smart-home integration

charge control via UDP and Modbus TCP

Photovoltaic system use

Photovoltaic system use

made for optimal excess PV charging

Load management as client

Load management as client

for controlled charging via x-series (master wallbox)

The sustainable charging solution for all vehicles

Our KeContact product range’s c-series is the perfect wallbox for intelligent, sustainable and safe charging – at home and in public. It features DC leakage detection, Modbus TCP and UDP interfaces as well as an integrated energy meter.
Additionally, up to fifteen c-series wallboxes can be connected to the x-series. This allows a local load management and/or enables you to connect the wallboxes to an OCPP master (e.g. KeContact P30 x-series). The carbon-neutral KeContact P30 c-series also has the following benefits:

  • allows single- as well as three-phase charging
  • equipped for a charging rate of up to 11 kW or 22 kW
  • freely programmable integrated display
  • cable variants have a fixed six-meter charging cable (Type 2)

For a green future

Intelligent, sustainable charging stations fit for an energy revolution

Clean e-cars need clean electricity
Electromobility unleashes its full potential when the charging infrastructure is produced in a climate-neutral way and offers opportunities to tap into alternative energies. The future of energy supply rests mainly on self-produced PV power and an intelligent energy management.

Fuel your electric car with solar power
Depending on your PV system’s energy output the building’s overall consumption, using an intelligent charging station in a smart home is an energy-efficient way to charge your e-car or plug-in hybrid – the KeContact P30 c-series does just that. And since it is produced carbon-neutrally in Austria, you contribute even more to stemming climate change.

Consistent. Climate-neutral.

From the first GREEN EDITION to the carbon-neutral wallbox product range

Product comparison

 a-series c-series x-series Company car
Charging power
up to 3.7 KW (single phase)
up to 7.4 KW (single phase)
up to 11 kw (3-phase)
up to 22 kw (3-phase)
Charge plug connections
Type 2 with charging cable (6 m)
Type 2 with socket 
Type 2 with shutter
Load management
As master    
As client    
Communication interfaces
KEBA eMobility App & Portal 
Ethernet RJ45
Ethernet LSA+ 
UDP & Modbus TCP (passive) 
Modbus TCP (active)  
4G / LTE  optional  
ISO 15118 hardware-ready     
Technical features
Direct current fault monitoring
Approval input
Switch contact output
Energy meter (MID/ME)
Integrated Energy meter  
MID-certified optionaloptional  
Compliant to the German calibration law (ME)  optionaloptional  
LED display
Custom-Design-Coveroptional optional optional optional optional
Download detailed product comparison

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