The KEBA service concept

To ensure satisfaction with KEBA products in the long run, we see it as our responsibility to provide our customers with comprehensive, high-quality and, above all, flexible support services tailored to their individual needs during the entire product life cycle.

With KEBA, you get products which exceed many other solutions due to their sophisticated technologies and innovative ideas. So that you are satisfied with your KEBA products in the long-term, KEBA customer service is also of outstanding quality - for maximum economic efficiency and availability of your KEBA products.

KEBA Service includes the following range of services:

  • Help Desk and Support Service
  • Spare part and repair processing
  • 1st level support training
  • On-site service
  • KEBA Service and Support Contract
  • Product availability

On-site service

If worse comes to worse, KEBA naturally provides a team of experienced and capable technicians for on-site service.

  • We support your technicians with the diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions.
  • Of course, we also update you on your KEBA products.
  • The realization of simple customized adaptations or extensions as well as trainings directly on your system complete the KEBA service.

1st level support training

KEBA offers customized trainings to familiarize your technicians with easy and comprehensive diagnosis options. With our professional training program, proven practical examples and exercises, we make it possible for you to diagnose and eliminate any possible malfunctions in KEBA products.

These trainings are offered continuously in the KEBA Training Center. We are also happy to offer these trainings at your location. For information on training appointments and the training structure, please contact [email protected]

Our trainings include the following topics:

  • Operation and handling of KEBA products
  • Diagnostic options for KEBA products
  • Getting to know the diagnosis tools
  • Assistance with localizing and eliminating errors
  • Extension and exchange of modules
  • Maintenance and repair of KEBA products


We are happy to help if you have questions or problems.

Michael Aumüller
E-mail: [email protected]

You can reach us from Monday to Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Friday 7:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Additional times, e.g. a 24 hour hotline, can be arranged with Service and Support Contracts.

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