Automated Charging Report: a new monitoring feature

At a glance: charging sessions as PDF and CSV via email

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Passing on charging costs has just gotten much easier. With the new monitoring feature, our KeContact P30 x-series wallboxes automatically emails a charging report with all last month’s charging sessions. As a PDF and CSV.
Zwei KEBA-Wallboxen und ins Bild retuschiert zwei ADAC-Gütesiegel mit dem Ergebnis "sehr gut" aus 2018 und "gut" aus 2022

This article introduces a new feature of KEBA wallboxes—the automatic charging report. The wallbox automatically sends a report of last month’s charging session via email. To be able to do this, you must 1) own an x-series, 2) update it to the software version 1.13 or higher, and 3) have your wallbox registered in the web interface.

Charging sessions by email: that‘s what you need

Whether charging a company car at home or passing on the costs of wallbox charging to your tenants, you need a calibrated wallbox as well as a clear overview of all the charging sessions and corresponding amounts of energy. That’s why from now on, upon request, our x-series wallboxes will send monthly reports to private users.

Safe & simple: how it works

To receive monthly automated charging reports, you will have to register your KEBA P30 wallbox in the web interface, where you enter a name and an email address (navigate to "Charging sessions" -> "Automatic Export"). Now you’re all set to receive a list of all last month’s charging sessions on the first day of each month. We value the protection of personal data, which is why the charging data will be automatically deleted from the server after three months. The email address is only deposited on the wallbox. If the wallbox has not been used for three months, the system also deletes the email address for data protection reasons.

Automated charging report: transferred in two data formats

The list of charging sessions is transferred in the two common formats PDF and CSV. The PDF gives you a clear breakdown of the charging sessions and can be submitted to your company for accounting purposes. The CSV version is ideally suited for data collection on your computer and thus for further use, for instance in company data processing. This is especially important when driving a company vehicle that you charge at home.

The charging reports list

  • the charging station’s ID and its serial number

  • the user’s RFID card (if access is limited)

  • beginning and end of every charging session

  • the meter reading at start and stop

  • the consumption of every charging session in kWH

  • the overall consumption of the registered wallbox and, if applicable, all connected client wallboxes

Cost overview even with several users

By differentiating between charging stations (with RFID), wallbox users, and charging sessions, individual consumptions can be clearly identified. This makes it possible to distinguish between private and business use. And it allows for costs to be allocated precisely within a user community and to be shared accordingly.

Automated charging report usable with software version 1.13 and up

Sending automated charging session notifications requires the software version 1.13. Extended features and improvements (e.g. CSV export) are available with version 1.14 and up. We generally recommend always keeping the software up to date to benefit from the latest features and improvements. Additionally, internet connection must be guaranteed. In starting the feature, you can select the languages German, English, and French.

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