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    Flexible solutions for laser processing

    Outstanding productivity with innovative CNC solutions

    Market leadership through technology partnership

    Safe, compact and energy-efficient automation systems with our proprietary CNC kernel offer maximum performance for your laser processing machine. Excellent precision even at high speeds ensured by path-synchronous laser control.

    An equal partnership

    Take advantage of our know-how in CNC laser processing and cutting-edge technology in automation and drive engineering, and turn it into the foundation of your success. The results of many years of partnerships and research activities have been integrated into a single comprehensive system: CNC, motion and robotics combine perfectly to achieve outstanding machine safety, intuitive operation and precise drive technology. The range of applications spans from materials processing to handling or further line integration.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Compact and energy-efficient multi-axis automation system from a single source
    • Flexible and high-performance due to own CNC kernel with comprehensive laser processing functionality
    • Fast and precise with integrated laser control independent of path velocity
    • Open, standardized interfaces to the laser periphery and the digital factory
    • Safe machine solutions including consultation
    • Leadership through technology partnership with a single point of contact
    Illustration of a 3-axis interpolating automation system for a laser cutting machine

    Tailor-made system solutions

    You are the expert in laser processing. We are your partner, from the design of the machine automation system all the way to providing service for it.

    We would be happy to demonstrate to you our competence for creating solutions for highly diverse applications in laser processing:

    This application example shows a complete 3-axis interpolating automation system for a laser cutting machine. The CNC, the machine safety equipment as well as the intuitive commissioning and operation harmonize perfectly.

    Our application fields

    Laser processing

    Illustration of a laser in action - sparks are flying

    New application fields in laser processing demand the highest flexibility of the CNC system. The precise adaptation of all process variables to the contour is crucial for the quality of the final products.

    Your benefits

    • CNC automation with innovative machine operation, all from a single source
    • Special laser module for precise and synchronized laser control and real-time evaluation of distance sensors
    • Comprehensive CNC features for the laser processing of metals, plastics, acrylic, composite materials, wood and more

    Our solutions

    Illustration of a laser in action during 2D cutting | Sparks are flying

    2D laser cutting

    The CNC laser package ensures precise and at the same time fast cutting or engraving of complex contours. The safe collision protection of the cutting head with protruding or tilting parts takes place almost without delay in the CNC kernel.

    Illustration of a laser in action, cutting a metal tube | Sparks are flying

    Tube cutting

    Tube profiles with different contours can be cut with orthogonal or bevel cutting heads. Such a 3D cut often saves the post-processing of the profile.

    Illustration of a 3D laser with yellow robot arm | Sparks are flying

    3D laser processing

    Up to 16 interpolating CNC axes per channel provide for a flexible processing of diverse surface contours.

    Laser micro-processing

    Illustration of clockwork gears produced with laser micro-processing

    High-precision yet fast fine cutting, ablation, micro-drilling or laser turning in the sub-micron range place the highest demands on the CNC control and its peripherals. The excellent performance of our automation system fulfills all expectations.

    Your benefits

    • Flexible interfaces and control processes for ultramodern laser sources (e.g. ultrashort pulse lasers) are integrated directly into the CNC
    • Position-synchronous laser pulse generation with 20 ns resolution and repeatability
    • Uncomplicated operation of special motors such as spindle or linear drives
    • Easy realization of complex contours with up to 16 interpolating CNC axes per channel

    Our solutions

    Detail illustration of a laser scan head - a ServoOne next to it on the right

    Galvanometric scan head - highly dynamic

    Galvanometric scan heads allow outstanding precision and dynamic in materials processing. Our laser module controls up to 4 scan heads via the SL2-100 interface directly from the CNC kernel; this saves on expensive additional hardware.

    Contours of graphic formulas (circles/stars/arrows)

    Contour decomposition - quick precision for large areas

    Our ‘contour decomposition’ technology supports the precise and highly dynamic processing of large surface areas. The contour is divided between the dynamic optical axes of the scan head (dynamic, small work area) and a mechanical system (large work area) and is moved synchronously.

    Combined punch/laser processing

    Illustration of a laser performing combined punch/laser processing | Blue and white sparks are flying

    Realize your combination of mechanical forming and cutting of filigree contours using just one flexible CNC automation system.

    Your benefits

    • Drive controllers with up to 250 kW with configurable and programmable motion profile for the electrical punching head
    • Energy efficiency thanks to energy recovery into the DC link or directly into the supply grid
    • Coordinated CNC punching and laser processing features in a single system
    • Highly dynamic distance control for reliable protection of the cutting head from collisions with reshaped sections

    Our solutions

    Graphic of a dynamic punching head

    Dynamic control of the punching head

    The motion profile of the punching head is crucial for the processing quality. The calculation of the profile is performed directly in the drive controller. The CNC controls and synchronizes the punching process, which depends on the contour.

    Graphic of the punching and nibble modes, tool guided around the contour

    Flexible CNC punching package

    The punch and nibble modes can be configured and executed in the CNC controller. The tool follows along on a tangent of the contour. This protects the tools from damage and ensures a smooth contour.

    Laser module for maximum performance

    Laser pulses with 20 ns accuracy for highest dynamic

    In order to achieve a maximum dynamic and short process times, the laser source and the distance of the cutting nozzle are controlled directly from the CNC kernel. A high-speed I/O module converts the commands almost

    instantaneously. A 20 nm position resolution is ensured at a 1 m/s cutting speed. At the same time, the laser power and other technology parameters are adapted to the contour.

    Technology leadership based on a strong partnership with KEBA

    Future-proof laser technology package

    CNC functionality for precise contours · Collision protection for the cutting head against protruding or tilting parts · Open, standardized interfaces with laser periphery and the digital factory · Flexible NC program adaptation

    CNC competence partner

    More than 40 years of CNC competence · High system solution competence · Independent and flexible thanks to our own CNC kernel · Advanced technology leadership based on a strong partnership

    High-precision laser I/O interface

    Consistent cutting quality independent of the processing speed · Highest precision thanks to position-synchronous laser pulses with 20 ns resolution and repeatability (+/- 20 nm at 1 m/s) · Laser power controlled to match contour · Top-speed dynamic distance control of the laser cutting head

    Compact & safe automation system

    Complete CNC solution from a single source · Wide drive power range e.g. also for punching · CNC, Motion and Robotic with one automation system · Scalable machine safety including advice


    GFH logo in gray and yellow with Subline Laser Micro Machining

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    Illustration of a laser in action and a software CD in the foreground

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    Illustration of a KEBA HMI device

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    A separate customized visualization underlines the strengths of your machine tool and improves its usability.

    Product illustration of KEBA’s KEDrive D3 automation system


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