Parcel lockers as an all-in-one solution: all components from a single source

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Are you looking for a parcel locker where hardware, software, rollout and services including after-sales service is available as a complete solution? Then KEBA is the right choice for you. All components work perfectly together and score with the highest reliability. Nevertheless, you always have the option of adapting functions to your individual requirements or carrying out subsequent upgrades.

Hard- & Software from the market leader

KEBA parcel lockers are characterized by high-quality, weather-resistant and robust materials, individual software solutions and the best usability. Over the past 20 years, we have continuously developed and improved our system and perfectly coordinated the individual components, making the KEBA parcel station one of the most efficient and reliable complete solutions in automated parcel delivery.

Everything from a single source: The parcel locker from KEBA

Competent advice even after commissioning

Of course, we are also happy to help you with the installation and initial start-up of your parcel station. Our highly trained service partners install the parcel locker, test the correct function and explain important settings that you can make on your own in the system.


Our innovative solutions and flexible services also score points in after-sales service. We can draw on a large network of service partners and thus ensure that repairs to defective stations are carried out quickly and reliably. Spare parts are usually available the next day and can be installed immediately. This minimizes downtime and the associated loss of revenue.

Predictive maintenance: detect and rectify faults at an early stage
Speaking of downtime, we are working intensively on the development of "Predictive Maintenance", a fault detection software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) support to detect malfunctions before they occur. In many cases, you can initiate the troubleshooting yourself. Travel times - and thus costs - for service technicians are thus reduced to a minimum.

Integration of additional functions and upgrades possible at any time
The mail order business is constantly developing and the volume of parcels is increasing. To remain competitive, parcel lockers must be adapted to these developments and future adaptations should be possible without great effort. Here, too, KEBA parcel lockers score with their flexibility.

An example: You find that customers want to use your parcel locker not only to pick up parcels, but also to return them. In this case, you can also subsequently integrate this function - including the option of having shipping labels printed directly at the parcel locker.

KEBA parcel lockers also offer the possibility to evaluate the efficiency of the delivery processes. Long throughput times, for example, could indicate cumbersome processes or poorly trained delivery staff. Targeted measures can be taken to optimize processes and thus both delivery costs and customer satisfaction. The key figure "costs per parcel" is of great importance in this context: it should be as low as possible.

Service partners are quickly on site to fix problems.

KePol parcel lockers are easy to use for everybody.

KePol parcel locker make delivery process more efficient.

Complete solution is possible - but not a must: Multivendor approach at KEBA

A major advantage for you as a customer is that you can obtain the KEBA parcel locker as an all-in-one solution. Some companies, however, are bound to certain partners whose software solutions are to be used. Even in this case, you do not have to do without the proven KEBA hardware, but can combine it with your existing software environment.

Our consulting staff will work with you to determine your exact requirements and tailor the components you need individually and flexibly to your application. Because it's not just the end customers who are important to us, but everyone who works with KEBA parcel lockers.

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