"GenussKistl" - the 24/7 self-service shop in beautiful Lassee

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With the self-service shop "GenussKistl", the entrepreneurial couple Barbara Schmidt and Robert Kurka offer a delicatessen paradise in their hometown of Lassee and thus secure the local supply - around the clock. The goods and food are also safely stored, thanks to controlled access with KEBA's access solution KeBin S10. Thus, all visitors will find a clean, truly lovingly designed shop at all times, which adorns Barbara's handwriting through and through, as Mr Kurka emphasises.

Self-service shop for Austrian delicacies

After getting to know a 24/7 self-service shop in the Baden district, Barbara Schmidt couldn't let go of the idea of opening a round-the-clock shop in her own town. And so it happened that the first self-service shop opened its doors in Lassee in July 2020. Since then, it has been offering special delicacies for locals as well as holiday and excursion guests. Only Austrian products can be found here, many regional - mostly farm - food and beverages as well as specialities from Styria, Mrs Schmidt's home.

Barbara Schmidt and Robert Kurka

The highlights at a glance

  • Barrier-free 24/7 access to the lovingly designed self-service shop

  • From access to payment: intuitive and time-saving

  • Permanent access to regional products and specialities

  • Home-made, high-quality delicacies from Schmidt/Kurka and the neighbourhood
  • GenussKistl as a local supplier: the ecological and healthy alternative to driving to the nearest supermarket or petrol station

The shop project was planned by the entrepreneurial couple themselves and realised in about eight months with the company Containex and an architect friend. It is visible and tangible that a lot of heart and soul has gone into the GenussKistl - both inside and out.


Trust is good, control is better

KEBA's KeBin S10 access system was an important companion from the opening day onwards to ensure controlled access. Mr Kurka says: "Legitimisation right at the entrance creates awareness among the customers that they are "registered", so to speak. On the one hand, it prevents vandalism or other crimes, because the insertion of the bank card provides a certain traceability. And it also gives the customer a certain security that no mischief is being committed by others during a simultaneous visit In addition to KEBA's access system, there is also video surveillance, which means that the shop is well secured overall.

"KEBA has top people: friendly, they do a clean job and the system was installed professionally."

Barbara Schmidt
Owner GenussKistl

Mrs Schmidt became aware of KEBA's access solution through her own internet research. As with all trades (and products), it was important for the entrepreneurial couple to find a solution provider who, in addition to fulfilling the technical and standard requirements, also delivers "quality from Austria". "KEBA really offers state-of-the-art technology and barrier-free access here. Our customers have the choice: to insert the bank card or to authenticate contactless with card or also smartphone," explains Mr Kurka. And further: "We also offered our own GenussKistl access cards to customers who initially had reservations about using their bank card." When asked about the cooperation, both agree: "KEBA has top people: friendly, work is done cleanly and the system was installed professionally. The updates are also carried out in a timely manner and very satisfactorily," says Ms Schmidt.

Only for the alcoholic beverages, which are placed in a separate room, a different access system had to be chosen for data protection reasons. "If KEBA's solution allowed age verification, we would of course have used this solution here as well," says Ms Schmidt.

Popular with all age groups

And who really likes coming to the GenussKistl? "Our self-service shop is particularly popular with weekend and summer guests from Vienna, who - thanks to the beautiful recreational area with numerous lakes - feel very much at home in Lassee," says Ms Schmidt happily. Many young customers are happy about the round-the-clock service in Lassee, so they also like to shop in the evening and at night. Today, the (regular) customers already include all age groups. On Sundays the shop is particularly popular, whether on foot, by bike or by car, the GenussKistl is there for everyone and easily accessible.

How much the customers like the GenussKistl, which has been designed with great attention to detail, is also clear from a Post-its wall inside the shop. Many nice messages and compliments about Barbara and Robert's heartfelt project are stuck there. Worth a visit in any case, whether during the day or at night.

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