Use of the Kebin S10 as an access solution for a self-service shop

"Gallners Genusshof Haltestelle":
Safety starts with access

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KEBA's bank branch access system has long been popular in the banking industry, a security measure that allows controlled access. Now the smart KeBin S10 is also moving into 24/7 self-service shops. Christoph Gallner, owner of Gallner's Genusshof Haltestelle, tells us how the idea for the self-service shop came about, why he chose KEBA's access solution and what his experiences with it have been so far.

Gallners Genusshof focuses on the marketing and trade of regional and high-quality products. With the Genusshof stop on Wolfener Landesstraße, the Gallner family offers convenient self-service at attractive opening hours.

When Christoph Gallner took over his parents' farm, he wanted to focus more on marketing regional meat products. So - together with his wife - the idea was born two years ago to integrate a farm shop into the business. "We wanted to offer our customers the widest possible range of high-quality regional products at attractive opening hours," explains Gallner. And that's how it came about.

Many hours of planning and several official procedures later, the Gallner family's "Genusshof-Haltestelle" opened in December 2021.

Get an impression:

Gallners Genusshof-Haltestelle in bewegten Bildern.

Christoph Gallner sees the convenient location as critical for success: "Our self-service shop is located directly on the Wolferner Landesstrasse between Steyr and Linz, easily visible and easily accessible, which brings us not only regular customers but also a lot of walk-in customers," Gallner is pleased to say. "On average, around 45 customers visit our Genusshof stop every day, and the stop is particularly popular at weekends."

The fact that more and more gourmets find what they are looking for every day at the modern self-service shop is due to the regional product range and the easy access and payment options. Shopping without sales staff is very well received by people of all ages. "The KeBin S10 access system is really self-explanatory, I am not aware of any user problems," says Gallner. All common bank cards are accepted, the same applies to debit and credit cards stored in wallet apps on the smartphone. Of course, the contactless function is also stored in the system, so that holding out the card or smartphone is sufficient.

"The KeBin S10 access system is really self-explanatory, I am not aware of any user problems."

Christioph Gallner

The choice for an access system was already made in the planning phase and was an important security factor, as Christoph Gallner explains to us. Alternative solutions, such as various facial recognition solutions, were evaluated but ultimately eliminated. "With the KeBin S10, I can not only control access according to the defined opening hours, but with this authentication measure and the video surveillance system, I increase the inhibition threshold for criminal acts such as vandalism, theft, etc.," Gallner emphasises.

The handling of the access solution is easy for the customers, and the same applies to the configuration, Gallner sums up. "After the smooth commissioning and good training by KEBA, I have not had to adapt much so far. I was able to make small changes, such as adapting the opening hours, quickly from the office via the web browser."

And Gallner's wish regarding additional features? "It would be nice if KEBA would integrate an additional authentication option via driver's licence, ID card or e-card in the future, since cash payment is also offered at the Genusshof stop and is gladly used." The same wish applies for use in the operational environment. The remote integration of an e-key technology or fingerprint solution in KEBA's access system as an alternative to the bank card would be well suited for this.

When asked about future plans for Gallner, the owner reveals his desire to expand the Gallners Genusshof brand even further. "I have in mind a larger farm shop directly on the farm, which would also offer our customers regional products during attractive opening hours. This is still far in the future, but KEBA safety technology will then play a role again," Gallner emphasises in conclusion.

Owner Christoph Gallner

Facts about Gallners Genusshof Haltestelle:

  • Opening: December 2021

  • Owner: Christoph Gallner

  • Self-service shop for regional and high-quality products

  • Use of the KeBin S10 as an access system

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