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5 special features that speak for KEBA Cash Recycler

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Cash recyclers from KEBA play an essential role in financial transactions in branch operations. They not only relieve staff at the counter, but also enable customers to make deposits and withdrawals at any time of day - regardless of bank opening hours. In addition to these features, our cash recyclers have other advantages and special features.

Advantage #1: Decades of experience in bank automation

For over 50 years - since 1970 - we have been involved in the automation of banking transactions. In the early 90s, we presented the first cash recycling system. Since then, we have not only been able to deepen our know-how more and more, we have also become the benchmark for the industry in bank automation. The result of these decades of research and development work are products that meet the most diverse requirements in terms of operability and usability. We have already been able to convince many institutions in the banking industry and win valuable partners.

Advantage #2: Proven quality from Austria

Since our company was founded, we have relied on Austria as a development and production location. Qualified employees, the best production conditions, high-quality raw materials and efficient processes guarantee the consistently high quality of our cash recyclers. A special feature of which we are very proud. We stand by our roots and our location in Austria - and this is also reflected in the quality of our machines.

Advantage #3: Modern, reliable technology and high availability

We invest a considerable part of our know-how in the (further) development of the technology contained in the KEBA cash recyclers. These efforts are rewarded with an availability rate of up to 99 percent. The failure rate of our devices is therefore less than 3 hours per week - a significant contribution to customer satisfaction and the profitability of a bank branch.

Advantage #4: Appealing design

The branch is a place where a bank's brand values come to life. With the possibility of individually adapting the design of our machines to the CI, we take this fact into account. The result is a coherent overall concept that gives your customers - even if subconsciously - a safe and good feeling when doing their banking business.

Advantage #5: Optimal User Experience

As in many other areas, the user experience is becoming more and more central to banking transactions. Cash recyclers of the evo series promise perfect usability for all user groups - at all times. Accessibility in particular plays an important role and determines how well customers find their way around a branch. Regardless of whether they are wheelchair users or visually impaired: It must be possible for all users to carry out banking transactions independently. How this can be realised beyond the hardware and software of cash recycler systems, we have summarised in the blog post 5 ways to make your branches more accessible.

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