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The reliability and availability of cash recyclers are key factors in positively influencing the profitability of a bank branch and customer satisfaction. Even a minimal improvement in device availability has an extremely positive influence on the failure rate. Currently, the availability of KEBA cash recycler is 98.5%. However, this is no reason for us not to further improve our cash recyclers - on the contrary: With SmartRepair and Predictive Maintenance, we are working intensively on the (further) development of two systems that automatically remedy failures or prevent them in the first place.

KEBA SmartRepair: Intelligent self-healing in daily operation

KEBA SmartRepair is a further development of the already established standard feature KEBA AutoRepair. SmartRepair repairs faults - such as note jams - automatically and without interrupting normal operation. Thanks to the intelligent self-healing and fault clearance management, no error behavior of the cash recycler is apparent to end customers.

Example: Note jam during deposit
A customer wants to deposit notes. Some of these notes are crumpled and cause a note jam. In a system without SmartRepair, a malfunction occurs and the machine is out of service. In addition, a counter staff member must intervene and try to clear the jam. It is also usually necessary to calm down customers who fear for their money. While the machine is still out of order, a manual booking is made by a counter staff member - additional effort is required.

With the KEBA Cash Recycler, SmartRepair immediately detects the banknote jam. This is resolved and the notes are returned to the customer. After the notes have been returned, they can be deposited again immediately. No error message is issued, nor is it necessary for a counter employee to intervene. The manual booking from the case above is no longer necessary, and the system continues to run without any problems.

Ein Servicetechniker behebt einen Fehler im Inneren des Cash-Recyclers.

If the worst comes to the worst: rapid troubleshooting by a technician

Predictive Maintenance: detect & avoid potential failures

Ideally, problems should not occur in the first place. If they do, it is important to solve them as quickly as possible to reduce downtime of the cash recycler. KEBA is working intensively on the development of a predictive maintenance system that, with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), detects potential failures at an early stage and informs the service technician. Via a remote maintenance system, technicians can access and ideally solve the problem immediately and without a journey.

Service Info helps with detecting problems

With the Banking Service Info, we are currently working on another helpful tool that will support detecting problems. Entering the error code in the tool should clarify exactly what the problem is, which spare parts are needed, and whether service technicians or value service providers are required.

Rapid problem solving by staff on site

Apart from the tools and facilities that increase the reliability and availability of cash recycler, it is important to be able to rectify or carry out minor faults or maintenance work directly on site. We have designed the inner workings of our cash recyclers to be clearly laid out, so that bank employees can quickly and easily perform tasks such as changing the printer paper themselves.

Ein Bankmitarbeiter wechselt die Papierrolle im Inneren des Cash-Recyclers.

Minor maintenance work can be carried out directly by bank employees

Modern technology for the banking of the future

For decades, we have been setting milestones in the banking sector with our technology. Take another step towards the future together with us - with a cash recycler from KEBA.

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