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Villa Bergzauber lives up to its name: Surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery, a sophisticated art nouveau villa in southern Upper Austria enchants overnight and event guests from all over the world. What can't be missing? Charging stations.

In 2015, Markus and Christin Schmidleitner acquired the imposing building from 1900 along with the property in the Pyhrn-Priel vacation region and converted or expanded it into a delightful wedding and seminar hotel within 10 months. Today, 86 guests can stay there and up to 200 can participate in events. Since opening in 2016, the demand for charging stations for electric cars has grown significantly, which is why the hotelier couple looked for a solution to meet the increased demand.

The task: exact chargeability

"In the beginning, only a few guests came by electric car. So we simply installed sockets on our parking lot lantern," explains Markus Schmidleitner. When it came to charging, the company relied on the help of its guests. However, they were often unable to say how many kWh were consumed during a charging session. A professional solution was needed to ensure fairness but also add significantly more security when charging. So the Schmidleitners set out to find a system that would enable exact billing of charging sessions. Because the hoteliers always try to rely on products that are sourced locally, they soon discovered wallboxes from KEBA. They also found the associated eMobillity Solution software for hotel & business.

The implementation: software with new wallboxes

In the fall of 2022, two wallboxes bearing the hotel’s logo and finished in sophisticated black were installed along with the software. "The people from KEBA went to great lengths during the on-site training," Markus Schmidleitner recalls and adds, "However, this wasn’t really necessary, as the program's interface is so intuitively designed. Using it is simply logical.”

About the process: guests with e-cars receive a charging card which they can use to charge whenever they want. When they leave, the system automatically displays how much electricity has been used to charge. The costs incurred can then either be paid separately or added to the room bill.

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"Our guests like the fact that we rely on wallboxes that have not been transported halfway around the globe, but also come from Austria."

Christin Schmidleitner
Managing Director, Hotel Villa Bergzauber

The result: a good feeling when guests check out

Today, the Schmidleitners are very happy with the charging solution for their hotel. "On the one hand, it suits our guests that we rely on wallboxes that were not transported halfway around the globe, but also come from Austria," explains Christin Schmidleitner. "On the other hand, thanks to the KEBA system, they now see in black and white what was charged. Discussions like we used to have occasionally are a thing of the past." Because for the boss, who can often be found at the reception desk in the Villa Bergzauber, it is particularly important to ensure a good feeling not only on arrival, but particularly on departure. As everything runs so smoothly with the KEBA products, the owners have already made recommendations to other hotels.

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