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Out-of-home delivery options such as delivery to parcel lockers are becoming increasingly attractive. Parcels can be dropped off and picked up around the clock, which not only saves the end customer valuable time. Delivery services can also use resources more efficiently and deliver parcels much faster. Pick-up stations develop their full potential especially when installed outdoors, as they can then be used completely independently of opening hours. However, parcel pick-up locker set up outdoors are exposed to a range of weather conditions. Whether extreme heat in summer, snow and ice in winter or storms in the transitional period: parcel stations must be available at all times to ensure high customer acceptance. Wind load in particular can become a major challenge here, as it can affect the stability of the locker. Climate change additionally favors extreme weather events and will cause them to occur more frequently in the future. A parcel locker that is well secured against wind load is therefore a good investment and absolutely future-proof.

Overturning parcel locker as a danger to people and animals

Due to their shape parcel stations are particularly susceptible to gusts of wind. It is therefore essential that they are securely anchored to the ground at all wind speeds to minimize the risk of overturning parcel locker. These could otherwise pose a significant risk to people and animals, as well as vehicles such as cars, and must be avoided at all costs. To prevent this, various factors must be taken into account when planning and designing a parcel station, such as the wind speed and direction at the site. In addition, the materials and anchoring of the stations must be designed to be suitably robust and stable to withstand the wind load. Whether the parcel station is freestanding or, for example, installed on a wall can also make a crucial difference. However, installation on a wall improves the wind load less than one might think. A considerable weight is still required for stabilization.

KEBA parcel lockers - for a save installation almost everywhere

At KEBA, we take these safety requirements very seriously. Depending on the wind load zone*, different hardware is required both for the parcel station itself and for the foundation - requirements that we can optimally meet with our broad option portfolio. The higher the wind load zone, the higher the stability requirements for the parcel station. Both KePol series can be individually adapted to the respective requirements of the location. Thus, for pick-up stations of the KePol FS series, stronger anchors can be used to increase the stability.

For parcel stations of the KePol Flex series, anchoring in the ground is not necessary due to the integrated concrete foundation. For locations with particularly high wind loads, a concrete element can be attached to the rear of the parcel locker in addition to the foundation. In the maximum design (concrete foundation + additional concrete element on the back), freestanding Flex series parcel stations can withstand up to 130 km/h wind force. This means that the parcel stations can be installed at 97% of European locations without any safety concerns. (For comparison: parcel stations of other manufacturers already reach their limits at 110 km/h wind speed and the safety of the parcel station can no longer be guaranteed. Thus, they are only suitable for 35% of the locations.)

Left figure: Countries where a safe installation of the KePol Flex with concrete base concrete element free-standing can be guaranteed. Right figure: Countries where an exemplary parcel locker in a comparable design of the competitor can be safely installed.

Left figure: Countries where a safe installation of the KePol Flex with concrete base concrete element free-standing can be guaranteed.
Right figure: Countries where an exemplary parcel locker in a comparable design of the competitor can be safely installed.

In addition to the wind load zone, the design of the parcel station is also an important factor that should be taken into account. For example, if the customer wants a PV system or a customer roof, the stability of the parcel station will be affected. Whether the parcel locker is to be installed next to a building or free-standing also plays a role. In addition to the concrete base, an additional concrete element may then be required at the rear of the parcel station to ensure stability. Our broad options portfolio offers the right security equipment for every location, making just about any location possible.

Wind load zones provide information about the wind load occurring at a particular site.(Source:

Full focus on safety requirements

Keeping all security aspects in mind can be a challenge. To ensure an optimal design of your parcel station, our sales team supports you throughout the entire purchasing process, from the selection of components to installation. In our calculation tool, different scenarios can be calculated regarding the design of the parcel locker and the desired location. The calculation takes the geographic location (urban, suburban or rural), the wind load zone as well as the selected options into account and indicates whether the parcel station in the preferred design can be installed at the desired location without safety concerns or whether additional safety elements are necessary.

Robustness and stability characterize KePol Flex parcel lockers

Our KePol Flex series is particularly characterized by its flexible set-up capability at almost any location. A concrete foundation is already integrated in the parcel locker, which makes anchoring in the ground obsolete. In addition, the parcel stations are available with a combination of photovoltaics and battery. This allows the parcel station to be operated without an external power supply, making installation even more flexible. For all our parcel stations, we also use only durable materials such as metal and special coatings that defy all environmental influences.

Paketstationen der KePol Flex Serie sind besonders robust und windstabil.

Parcel stations of the KePol Flex series are particularly robust and wind-resistant.

Sustainability thought further

With our durable hardware, we also take our sustainability efforts into account. In addition to the classic version, our parcel locker are also available in an eco variant. These are equipped with photovoltaic cells, making complex site preparation and cabling obsolete. This means that the parcel station can be operated completely self-sufficiently and can be set up almost anywhere.

Wind load zones are areas classified according to their exposure to wind. Zones are classified based on the average wind speed, which is measured at a height of 10 meters above the ground. There are four wind load zones in total, ranging from zone 1 (lowest load; < 22.5 m/s or 81 km/h) to zone 4 (highest load; > 30 m/s or 108 km/h).

Hält Wind & Wetter stand: Paketstationen der KePol Flex Serie.

Withstands wind & weather: KePol Flex series parcel locker.

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