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Sustainability at KEBA

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Conservation of resources, efficient use of energy sources, a careful approach to the environment: companies are required to set and achieve new sustainability targets every year. This is where suppliers also come into play, because energy-saving technology, durable and low-maintenance products, and special programs that can detect and respond to failures at an early stage play a major role in achieving sustainability goals. At KEBA, we follow this path by always keeping the sustainability factor in mind when developing and manufacturing our products - from the initial idea, to the prototype, to the series product. We see this as our contribution on the way to a sustainable, resource-saving society. This benefits not only us, but also our customers.

No Chance for Vandals

Hard-wearing materials such as glass and metal cost more than plastic, but their durability and robustness are impressive. If vandals tamper with cash recyclers or parcel locker with lighters, knives or spray cans, the damage to plastic housings can quickly amount to several thousand euros - and even necessitate the replacement of the device. Metal, glass and special coatings, on the other hand, are only slightly affected. Another advantage of these materials is that at the end of the product life cycle, you can lead the machines back into the recycling process and, with a rate of 98.4 percent, have them almost completely recycled. And who knows: Maybe your discarded device will be reborn as a car...

Cutting electricity costs

Efficient use of available resources poses major challenges for many companies. Our cash recyclers and parcel locker help you meet these challenges. We have already been able to reduce energy consumption by around 40 percent through targeted optimization. With equipment in continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, this saves many kilowatt hours of electricity - and thus the cost of it.

Device failure? Very unlikely!

Software that can detect and correct faults even before they occur: By using intelligent software, possible failures are detected before they occur. Many problems can thus be resolved via remote maintenance, eliminating the need for a service technician to travel to the site. And this not only reduces your running costs, but also protects the environment with every car kilometer saved.

Sustainability made easy with evo cash recyclers

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Save CO2 with Parcel Lockers & E-Mobility

Speaking of car kilometers saved: The use of parcel locker holds great potential for saving unnecessary journeys. Parcels are no longer delivered to each individual private address, but are deposited at a nearby parcel locker. Recipients can pick them up near their workplace or on the way to the supermarket, for example. This aspect can be particularly exciting for environmentally conscious consumers.

In addition, optimizing route planning contributes to achieving the sustainability goals that have been set. If parcels are delivered to the various parcel locker in a sensible sequence, the number of driven kilometers is reduced to a minimum. The same applies to planning the route from one bank branch to the next when emptying or filling ATMs and safes. If the transport is carried out by e-car, a amount of savedCO2 is even bigger.

Sustainability for Banks and Logisticians

With our automation solutions for banks and logistics companies, we want to make a contribution to conserving resources and protecting our environment. You would like to learn more about Sustainability at KEBA or need specific information about our products? In both cases, we are happy to be of service to you. Please contact us!

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