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Parcel locker KePol Flex GL and its contribution to sustainability

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The KePol Flex GL combines the advantages of traditional and battery-operated parcel lockers. Designed for outdoor use, it withstands harsh weather conditions and offers users easy operation through touchscreen or smartphone.

Flexible power supply and adaptability
A unique feature of the KePol Flex GL is its dual power supply system, which can be connected to the grid or operated by solar power. Thanks to modular extensions, the system is easily adaptable.

Sustainability and efficiency
In manufacturing the KePol Flex GL, we focuses on sustainability by using recyclable materials. Additionally, local production in Europe supports regional economies and reduces the ecological footprint due to shorter transportation distances.

Advanced features for optimal performance
The KePol Flex GL stands out with its interactivity and efficient monitoring system. The integrated KePol Software Suite provides advanced functionalities for optimal system performance.

The KePol Flex GL represents our vision of efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious parcel delivery, blending modern technology with ecological awareness.

Picture of Cesar Lapuerta, sales director at KEBA

Cesar Lapuerta, Sales Director at KEBA

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