A green way for parcel pick–up, drop-off and returns. bpost chooses the KePol lockers from KEBA Handover Automation GmbH

bpost relies on KePol parcel lockers

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bpost, Belgium’s leading postal operator and a growing e-logistics partner in Europe, North-America and Asia, is investing in the long-term implementation of hundreds of KePol lockers supplied by KEBA. After a thorough benchmarking analysis which included a pilot phase, bpost chose the Austrian company. bpost was convinced by the flexibility of KEBA’s modular concept, as well as the high-quality and weatherproof design of the KePol lockers. In the coming years, hundreds KePol lockers will be deployed throughout Belgium offering bpost’s customers a convenient and innovative parcel delivery service which is available 24/7.

Parcel lockers are the fastest growing pick-up option offered by bpost

A recent study by bpost reveals that parcel lockers are one of their fastest growing pick-up option. With their ease of use, constant accessibility, and eco-friendliness, parcel lockers are particularly well-suited for high-traffic locations such as retail stores and supermarkets. This move aligns with bpost's mission to encourage end customers to choose pick-up points for their deliveries, as this method reduces emissions through batch delivery into the lockers and is seen as the most environmentally friendly option.

KePol lockers: Flexible, robust and highly reliable

Reliable technology and user-friendliness are crucial to guarantee 24/7 operation of parcel lockers and to ensure customer acceptance of the solution. With more than 20 years of experience supplying parcel locker solutions to the top postal and logistics companies in Europe, KEBA plays a pioneering role and sets the benchmark in terms of quality and reliability. For this reason, bpost chose KePol lockers for their high parcel volume locations such as shopping centres, municipalities, supermarkets and petrol stations. Due to the modular design of the KePol lockers, allowing flexible configurations of between 24 and 400 boxes, the KePol lockers are ideally suited to these high-volume locations. Additionally, the KePol lockers are the perfect fit for outdoor installations due to their proven robustness and durability to withstand the harshest of conditions including strong winds and snow.

"We are excited to have partnered with KEBA for a flexible, safe and reliable locker solution for our busy parcel locker locations. KEBA's expertise is clear in the premium quality and durability of their lockers, which are critical for high-traffic areas. With these parcel lockers, we will provide residents with an eco-friendly and a convenient 24/7 pick-up or return option at premium locations”

Nick Bond
Head of bpost' Partner Network

Innovation and continuous improvement that match customer’s needs

KEBA's approach to continuous improvement of the KePol lockers is a multi-pronged approach. This means looking to improve upon existing locker generations while also developing newer and better future generations of lockers. The main focus is on using quality, durable components and ensuring the lockers are produced to high quality standards. Jürgen Kusper, CEO of KEBA Handover Automation GmbH points out: “We ensure that our products meet all quality and safety standards in order to guarantee that our customers are getting a product they know is high-quality.

The reliability of our hardware can be seen by the long-time the KePol lockers continue in operation. It is not uncommon to see KePol lockers that work as good as new, even when their warranty expired long ago. In fact, KePol lockers work better after they have been upgraded and continue in operation for several years after the upgrade.” As the market needs differ from customer to customer, KEBAs portfolio of lockers is known to fulfil most, if not all, of those needs. As a result, KEBA offers hardware solutions for outdoor or indoor, small or large number of boxes, with or without certain components. The product portfolio is flexible to suit the most demanding of customers. Kusper concludes: “We are very excited with the extension of the partnership between bpost and KEBA for the implementation of the most sustainable parcel locker network in Belgium, and we are looking forward to the adoption of more green zones worldwide.”

About bpostgroup
bpostgroup is Belgium’s leading postal operator and a growing parcel & e-logistics partner in Europe, North-America and Asia. Our 36,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe connect consumers, businesses and government, by delivering mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and providing e-commerce logistics services. As a people- and planet-friendly company we create long-term sustainable value for our customers and shareholders. In 2021 bpostgroup generated a turnover of 4,33 billion.

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