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KEBA optimizes the Last Mile on the Faroe Islands

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The Faroe Islands, with a population of just under 56,000, are characterized by their 18 islands with numerous mountains and valleys. The execution of the Last Mile - the route of the parcel to the end customer - therefore poses different challenges in this region than in Austria, for example.

Posta, the Faroe Islands' national postal service, was already coonsidering setting up a larcel locker network in 2012. KEBA was already known as a manufacturer at that time, and the Austrian Pioneer was already cooperating with some postal logistics companies on the European market. But as an island region, the Faroe Islands are fundamentally different from other countries. Due to the geographical conditions and a road network that runs along fjords and coasts, the routes taken by delivery staff are much more challenging.

Edvard S. Remberg, CIO at Posta, explains: „In the past, when the number of letters was higher, we delivered to most households anyway, so it it did not make sense to set up a parcel locker network. We also knew that the payment and printing processes caused the greatest support effort in our postal logistics. Now that fewer and fewer letters are being sent and not all homes or areas are being delivered in the same way, parcel lockers have become important. We have also developed a customer platform where everything can be done in advance. This eliminates the need to print labels, weigh and pay on site and simplifies the shipping process for customers - payment terminals and printers are not required."

Through the cooperation with KEBA since 2022, Faroese Post has not only set itself the goal of finding a convenient, sustainable and more cost-effective option for parcel delivery, but has also developed a solution for pharmacy. They can deliver to their customers quickly despite the geographical distance. With strategically placed parcel lockers, recipients can easily pick up their already prepaid medication.

This partnership makes it possible to handle the delivery process not only of parcels but also of medical products via a parcel locker. This step reduces the number of tours and automates a part of the process.
The big advantage for Posta and pharmacies: Routes can be reduced and thus costs and time saved. In turn, pharmacy staff can concentrate fully on customer service and be sure that the medical products are delivered to the right place.

The success story continues

Ten parcel lockers are already in use on the Faroe Islands, and the installation of ten more is planned. The feedback from customers has been very positive and Posta is also looking forward to being able to offer even more benefits in the future with the expansion of the network.
Daniel Sichmann, Sales Director at KEBA, adds: "We are very proud to be partnering with Posta to contribute to highly efficient logistics on the Faroe Islands."

You see: Posta "Pakkaboks" parcel lockers in use on the Faroe Islands // Edvard S. Remberg, CIO at Posta // Daniel Sichmann, Sales Director at KEBA

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