Drive-based condition monitoring

The solution package "Drive-based condition monitoring”

Digital solutions that help to increase machine availability and save costs are coming increasingly into the focus of machine manufacturers and operators. Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance are some of the best known and widely accepted concepts to avoid unplanned downtime or damage.

KEBA’s "Drive-based condition monitoring” is an easy-to-implement-solution that can be used to make physical data from the motor and drive train usable to improve plant/machine availability.

KEBA’s solution consists of an edge device, software-based dashboard and a data modeling service. It is based on the fact that components of the motor and drivetrain exhibit physically detectable anomalies before they fail. These anomalies can become apparent in the form of temperature, noise or vibrations. “Drive-based condition monitoring” uses those vibration frequencies and temperature values to draw conclusions about the health status of the powertrain.

“Drive-based condition monitoring” is a local solution without the need of a cloud. It is being operated within the shopfloor/machine network. No external sensors are needed if a KEBA KeDrive D3 servo controller is being used.

The health status

For the health statement, a normal range and a bad range of values must first be defined. This is achieved by means of a data model that is created individually for each application/machine series model as part of a service project. For this purpose, historical data, experience of the manufacturer's service technicians and data from trials and tests are pulled together and an algorithm is being shaped.

The state of the drive train can be viewed via a browser-based dashboard (web interface). An easy-to-interpret and clear display is ensured by a color code that assigns the health status.

Who is it interesting for?

The "Drive-based Condition Monitoring" solution package was developed as an easy-to-integrate product that machine manufacturers using KeDrive D3 servo controllers can offer existing customers as a retro-fit or as digitization add-on for new machines.

The application itself is designed for the use by a plant/machine operator to provide an easy-to-use monitoring of the condition of motor and drive train.

The benefits for operators

Cost savings

  • More efficiency in maintenance
  • Contribution to planned quality and less scrap

Higher machine uptime

  • Drivetrain or motor damage can be detected at an early stage
  • Higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Easy-to-use interface

  • Reduction of the displayed values to the most relevant ones
  • Intuitively understandable colored background to display the health status

Easy to implement in a local environment

  • Local solution that can be operated within the shopfloor network
  • No IT infrastructure must be installed – no access from the outside

Sounds interesting?

For machine and plant manufacturers, the digital transformation has been a familiar concept for quite a while; they know that it brings many challenges but also many opportunities. Digital solutions enable companies to leverage numerous advantages for their competitive advantage.

Download our whitepaper “Drive-based condition monitoring - Reducing maintenance intervals and increasing machine availability” contact us to find out if the solution could be beneficial for your business case and application.

Whitepaper "Drive-Based condition monitoring"

Click here for the download
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