Condition monitoring

for roller bearing spindles

Our condition monitoring benefits

  • Use condition monitoring for predictive maintenance in order to prevent downtimes
  • Actively plan and schedule a suitable time for the next servicing of the spindle
  • The operator of the machine tool greatly influences the service life of the tool spindle
  • Find out how much load your customer has put on the spindle

Monitoring functions

  • The machining process generates forces that cause acceleration, following the formula F = m*a
  • These accelerations generate vibration, causing fatigue of the spindle bearings and finally requiring an overhaul
  • Monitoring the process vibrations on the spindle provides a good measure of the stress and wear occurring on the spindle
  • The accelerations are measured using special vibration sensors on the tool spindle
  • The data is analyzed by an Edge Box

KEBA Condition Monitoring

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