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Spindle service

Many customer applications put heavy loads on the tool spindles, for example through heavy machining applications that result in strong forces acting on the bearings; or through crashes, inadequate lubrication, contaminated purging air, or vibration. For this reason, spindle overhauls are not the exception but can become necessary several times throughout the service life of a spindle.

KEBA offers custom solutions for your spindle service that guarantee quick and easy support when needed and minimize machine downtimes. In addition, we offer a condition monitoring solution to prevent incidents from happening at the worst possible time; instead, a predictive spindle overhaul can be planned and performed.

Service pool for your spindle type:

  • Complete spindles kept in stock according to your service agreement
  • Quick availability when needed
  • Immediately from stock
  • Shipping immediately after request
  • Replacement spindle in like-new technical condition with full KEBA warranty
  • After spindle replacement, the defective spindle is immediately overhauled by KEBA and then stored for re-use
Spindle repair

Spindle repair

We offer express repair within 5–10 days:

  • On the precondition that all necessary spare parts are available
  • Spare parts management defined by service agreement
  • All repair work performed to our quality standards, ensuring that the technical condition of the repaired spindle is like new

Spare parts management & service agreement

We offer spare parts management where we keep and automatically replenish a stock of the necessary spare parts according to the agreement

  • Use of spare parts from a framework contract:
    used-up spare parts are re-manufactured immediately (with small-quantity surcharge)

  • Spare parts from spare parts stock:
    customized service agreement specifying which quantities of which wear parts will be kept in stock

Increase your machine availability with a customized service agreement

  • Minimize administrative overhead if service is needed
  • Increase the predictability of repair costs
  • Ensure the availability of spare parts and quicker repairs
  • Buy a service pool and enjoy the shortest possible delivery times for replacement spindles
  • Reduce downtimes through a predictive service agreement
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