CNC functions and CNC packages

Future-proof, flexible and open CNC solutions

Intelligent software adds value for you

Perfectly matching software modules are the foundation for top productivity and quality. Our CNC software architecture and our proprietary CNC kernel offer you maximum flexibility. Openness and standardized interfaces guarantee a smooth integration into digital automation.

Standardized G-code in combination with our flexible FlexProg© high-level language programming allow a perfect adaptation to your machine process. The CNC technology packages offer a comprehensive range of functionality and performance.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Multi-channel CNC with extremely short block cycle time (max. 100 µs)
  • Extensive CNC functions for precise and optimal contours
  • Flexible user programming in the CNC and the PLC
  • Sophisticated technology packages for different industries
  • Flexible and adaptable data interface with all CNC and technology parameters
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CNC performance

Fast data processing, short block cycle times, high computing accuracy and interpolation speed are crucial characteristics required of a fast machine tool controller. Our CNC basic package has been focusing on top performance for years, enabling it to support highly demanding applications.

  • 8 CNC channels each with up to 16 interpolating axes
  • Dynamic look-ahead with a previewing capacity of up to 50,000 NC blocks
  • Unlimited number of NC blocks
  • Spline or polynomial interpolations
  • Extensive compensation functions
  • Clock-synchronized CNC/PLC data interfaces jitter-free data exchange
Photo of a green laser beam that passes exactly through the opening of an object

CNC laser technology package

Special NC blocks control the laser periphery and the axes directly from the CNC kernel. The ensures that movements are highly dynamic and precise at the same time, even with complex contours.

  • Laser pulses for different laser sources with extreme accuracy
  • Quick switchover between the laser operation modes
  • Laser power control based on contour and speed
  • Dynamic collision protection for protruding or tilting parts
  • Versatile special functions such as fly-cut, frog-jump or continuous cutting

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