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Tool spindles for top quality and precision

Spindle technology

KEBA offers both roller bearing and magnetic-bearing spindles with high precision and dynamics for your specific requirements. Where does KEBA get its spindle technology know-how?
We can draw on the roller bearing expertise of our subsidiary KEBA Spindle Technology (formerly Heinz Fiege GmbH) for the development and production of a range of tool spindle types at our plant in Röllbach in Bavaria.

KEBA has 20 years of experience with magnetic bearings. At our plant in Wasserburg in Bavaria we offer an outstanding technology, the LeviSpin drill spindle, that increases processing speed and reduces tool wear.

Overview of our spindles

Product illustration of two magnetic bearing components

Roller bearing spindles

Tailor-made precision

The integration of Heinz Fiege GmbH has provided KEBA with 60 years of experience in the design and construction of tool spindles with roller bearings. We focus in particular on analyzing specific application requirements in order to offer the optimal custom solution.

Perfect for your applications

  • Full-service provider for consultation, design, development, production and servicing of spindles

  • We offer a broad range of spindle types for mechanical engineering: milling spindles, motor spindles, drill spindles, grinding spindles, dressing spindles, and special spindles

Product illustration of LeviOne controller

Magnetic-bearing spindles

A machining revolution

With LeviSpin R140, KEBA offers a 3rd-generation magnetic-bearing spindle.
An oscillation motion superimposed over the feedrate breaks the chips in a controlled manner.

Outstanding benefits

  • Processing speed increased by 200–400 %
  • Tool wear reduced to less than 50 %

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