Expo Energy 2017

KEBA alla fiera Energiesparmesse 2017

Alla Energiesparmesse di quest'anno, fiera incentrata sul tema del risparmio energetico a Wels (Austria), numerosi partner di KEBA mostrano come potrebbe essere la gestione energetica del futuro presentando interessanti applicazioni per la Smart Home del futuro. La stazione di ricarica di KEBA si integra perfettamente nella Smart Home consentendo una ricarica intelligente e a risparmio di corrente.

Clean cars need clean power

Thanks to the new models constantly being launched by the car manufacturers, electromobility has arrived in the present and is slowly, but surely, becoming suitable for mass use. Contributing to this as well are many funding programs that will take effect in Austria on 1 March 2017: subsidies will be offered not only for electric cars but also for the purchase and installation of wallboxes – and at a rate of 40 percent.

Electromobility’s greatest potential will develop however if the charging infrastructure offers possibilities for networking with alternative energies. This means: clean cars need clean power. The future of energy supply lies in solar power, more precisely in self-generated PV power and intelligent energy management.

The perfect combination of photovoltaics, charging station and electric car

Due to the price development for stationary energy storage, it is becoming increasingly interesting even for private persons to use solar energy produced with photovoltaic systems and to use intelligent controls in the smart home to supply, e.g., an electric car. After all, the electric car is the largest consumer in the home and doubles the annual energy consumption of a household. In this regard, controlling the flow of energy in a house is particularly interesting. Depending on the energy output of the photovoltaic system and the consumption of the rest of the house, the car can thereby be charged in an energy-saving manner. This enables the perfect combination of photovoltaics, energy management, charging station and electric car.

You can learn about smart home solutions at the Expo Energy in Wels through 5 March 2017 – the intelligent KEBA wallbox for the smart home can be found at the booth of our partner, Fronius, and those of our sales partners iFIX-Solar, Energie AG, Wels Strom, Smartfox as well as at the booth of the Energiesparverband (Upper Austrian Energy Saving Association).

Many of KEBA's partners demonstrate their smart home solutions in combination with the KEBA wallbox at the Expo Energy.

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