In Svezia, tutte le nuove auto elettriche di Volkswagen vengono ricaricate dalle stazioni di ricarica di KEBA

Al fine di incentivare ulteriormente l’elettromobilità in Svezia, CLEVER e Volkswagen hanno di recente concordato una cooperazione dal valore pionieristico: a partire da subito, ogni acquisto di un’auto elettrica di Volkswagen includerà anche una stazione di ricarica di KEBA, commercializzata in Svezia da CLEVER.

Strong growth rates in electro mobility

It's no longer a secret that the Scandinavian countries are pioneers when it comes to e-mobility. According to a study by the "European Automobile Manufacturers Association", 1,043 battery-operated electric vehicles and 2,762 plug-in hybrids were registered in Sweden in the first quarter of 2017. That is 57.3% and 90%, respectively, more than in the same period last year! This means that 5% of all cars sold in Sweden are already electrically operated, while the EU averages a meager 1.4%.

Convenient and easy

Simplicity for the end customer is the main focus of the cooperation for the "electrification of Sweden": If you are buying an EV from Volkswagen, you do not have to worry about finding the right charging option. When purchasing a vehicle, the VW dealer arranges the contact to CLEVER, who will then schedule the KEBA wall box installation, so that the garage is e-mobile ready for the car.

CLEVER also offers a flat rate for charging electricity - which means that EV owners can charge their vehicles for a flat rate both at home and through CLEVER’s public network. This business model is revolutionary in electro mobility.

Fredrik Nordin, CEO of CLEVER Sweden AB.: “We are proud of being a part of the cooperation and make it easy for the VW owner to drive electrified. We have been working with KEBA since 2015 and their charging stations´ high quality and reliability is why we are once again relying on KEBA."

Fast and safe charging

With the KeContact P30 power charging stations from KEBA, e-up, Gold, and the Passat GTE charge 60% faster than with a standard plug, while the e-Golf is three times as fast. In addition to fast charging, the KEBA wall box is also designed specifically for charging electric cars, which means that it fulfills all requirements for safe charging.

A smart and connected wall box gives EV drivers a safer and smoother charge, thus also offering a better follow-up of electricity costs. This is why the high-end product of the Austrian manufacturer, the KeContact P30 x-series, comes with some intelligent features. Thanks to mobile communication, every charging station is connected to CLEVER’s central system, which means that software updates are easily delivered, and even the consumption data can be read off. This is useful information on the one hand, but it also facilitates employer billing for company vehicles. The pre-configuration of the wall box will take place at the KEBA factory, so that the installation for the customer is as simple as possible.

Andreas Plotz, Sales Manager Electromobility at KEBA AG is "proud to be advancing Sweden's electro mobility through this cooperation."

Every Volkswagen electric car or plug-in hybrid in Sweden now comes with a KEBA wall box as standard.

Fredrik Nordin, CEO of CLEVER Sweden AB

Andreas Plotz, Sales Director Electromobility KEBA AG

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