Win-win situation for parents and employer

KEBA holiday care celebrates premiere

With the 2023 school holidays, the holiday care programme of the Linz-based automation specialist KEBA started its first round and allows employees more flexibility in the summer.

Summer is often a challenging time for working parents: balancing the needs of children with work commitments can quickly become a challenge. Much depends on the flexibility and support of the employer. An internal survey at the Upper Austrian industrial company KEBA showed a high level of interest among the staff - so, with the help of experts from the "Kinderfreunde Linz", a summer childcare service was set up in a kindergarten within walking distance of the main site in the Urfahr industrial park, where the majority of KEBA employees work. The offer is taken up about 100 times by children aged 3 to 14 over the entire holiday period until the start of school.

What work do my parents do and what can a robot do?

In addition to the care with lots of games, fun and action by the Kinderfreunde, the children are also given a look behind the scenes at KEBA: "As part of the KEBA holiday care, we open our doors and show the young KEBAners about what their parents actually work. In the robotics lab, they learn which tasks robots master thanks to KEBA software, in the so-called Plast lab they learn about plastics and are allowed to make a ruler themselves on an injection moulding machine. There is also the opportunity to have lunch together with their parents in the KEBA canteen and to visit the parents directly at their workplace," says KEBA CEO Gerhard Luftensteiner, "It is important to us as an employer to create a family-friendly working environment. By offering holiday childcare, we would like to show our appreciation for all working parents and help them to combine work and family life well, especially during the very long summer holidays, while knowing that their children are being cared for in the best possible way during the summer."

Helmut Gotthartsleitner, regional chairman of the Kinderfreunde Linz, also emphasises: "The partnership with KEBA is very valuable for us Kinderfreunde. The cooperation within the framework of our project 'Holidays at Work' is an essential contribution to creating a family-friendly working environment, which makes it easier to combine family and career. As part of the holiday offer, we create an environment where children feel comfortable and where the needs of children are also central in the programme design."

Childcare not only makes employees happier

Relieving working parents of their dual role during the summer months is only one of the arguments in favour of childcare. Michael Broder, responsible for People, Culture & Structure at KEBA, finds several other important ones: "A reliable childcare at work not only provides better relief for the individual, it can also increase productivity and commitment and ensure that our colleagues feel comfortable with us in the long term. In this way, we create a win-win situation for the company and its employees."

"The high number of registrations speaks for itself and we hope to be able to expand the offer even further in the future."

Michael Broder
People, Culture & Structure at KEBA
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