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Cloud developers at KEBA are mainly employed in Energy Automation and Logistics Automation. These teams have the latest technologies in daily use.

Cloud Developers at KEBA Energy Automation

In Energy Automation, for example, the Digital Solutions team is currently working on a project to create a digital portal and an app for our Wallbox products. The app is used, for example, by electricians to commission the charging station and by end customers to control and view charging processes. The development team, consisting of frontend developers, backend developers and app developers, works in short two-week sprints. Together with the product owner and the designer, the frontend developer works on the design of the app with Angular and focuses on UX and responsive design. Testing the implementations is also one of the developer's tasks.

Our backend developers work with Microsoft Azure Cloud and use many cloud native services, where you have to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Here is an excerpt from the technology stack of a backend developer:

  • Docker
  • K8s
  • Azure EventHub
  • Azure Data Explorer
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure AD B2C
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Azure Content Delivery Network

In addition to using the latest cloud-native services, this area of work is also implemented in Python, typescript or Java, depending on the purpose of the application. In the process, we work out the answers to ever new questions, such as: "How can data from thousands of wallboxes be processed in real time?" or "How must such large amounts of data be pre-processed?"

The technology used in each case is the responsibility of the development team. However, senior developers are always available as mentors for professional discussion and exchange.

The Wallbox Portal is planned for a very large number of users, so we would be happy to receive support from experts in this field in order to place the project on strong pillars.

Cloud Developer at KEBA Logistics Automation

In Logistics Automation, we are currently building a backend system for our new parcel vending machines, which can only be controlled via smartphone.

This backend system is implemented as a microservice application and uses Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) as a compute service. The services are operated in the service mesh. The architecture or AKS allows us to scale almost without limits.

Of course, the databases used must also be easily scalable. Here we rely on Serverless Services from Azure (CosmosDB, Redis-Cache, KeyVault).

The provision of the infrastructure is fully automated with Terraform or Gitlab-CI. This allows us to roll out new services or updates globally at any time and without much effort. For monitoring, we rely on Elastic Search and generate several GB per day of telemetry data, which can be used for monitoring and evaluation.

The opportunity of using cloud services accelerates the implementation of software projects and gives the developer many tools to develop solutions. This availability of almost unlimited resources allows a lot of freedom, but the economic aspect must always be taken into account here. This changes the design and perspective on software architecture and completely new solutions emerge that would have been unthinkable in the past.

Roman Lumetsberger
Cloud Developer at KEBA

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